Raise Your Game At Home with Alan Stein

In this episode, I spoke to Alan about how he is raising his game with the kids by creating rules and frameworks, what is The Next Play philosophy, why is it important to praise progress instead of outcomes and how to navigate ‘sharenting.’

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Death, Meditation & Full Surrender with Brad Johnson & Kelly Gilson

In this episode, I’m talking about the latest Front Row Dads Retreat, where we spent 3 days in San-Diego with the intention of being better family men. I’m joined by Front Row Dads members, Kelly Gilson and Brad Johnson, who participated in the retreat. Together we’ll go through the best and most impactful practices and ideas that came out of it.

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Prevent Meltdowns Playfully with Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie discusses what rules and activities help him better connect with his kids and what it took to create “The Peculiar Purple Penguin” book, an essential guide to helping an upset child calm down and focus during a meltdown.

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