Kids Interviewing Grandparents

How would you feel knowing that at any moment, you could see an interview  of your great-great-grandfather talking about his life? This week, my son Tiger spent 30 minutes interviewing…
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You Have What It Takes

Many boys ask themselves — “Do I have what it takes?” This concept was sparked for me after reading Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. I see my boys wrestling…
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Refining My Beliefs

For 2 months, I’ve been attempting to refine my beliefs, uncover my own truths and create definitions for important aspects of my life. How do I define fatherhood? What does…
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Going Deep or Wide

Years ago, when I was dating Tatyana, I was asking my coach for advice on making BIG commitments (like getting married) and his counsel was perfect. He said… Jon —…
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Family Camping Adventures

I texted my wife on Thursday morning and said, “We’re going camping tonight! Let’s roll!” I’m glad we did. Honestly, it was HARD to disconnect at first. I wanted to…
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