Do you have questions about Front Row Dads Live? 

Then look no further! 

Need Additional Support? Email Us: info@frontrowdads.com

About FRDL 2024

When & Where is FRDL 2024?

We are SO excited that you’ll be with us as we host our 3rd annual Front Row Dads Live event in downtown Austin, Texas 

Dates: December 4- 6 2024! (VIP Day Dec. 3rd*)

Venue Address: The Tommie Hotel, Austin TX

506 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701


Registration & Check-in

Where can I pick up my name badge?

Main Event Registration will be set-up Wednesday, December 4th, from 4pm – 6pm in the main lobby. There you will collect your name badge and get further instructions for dinner plans and our welcome ceremony. Please bring your Drivers License for registration.

VIP Day Registration will be ONE DAY EARLIER for our VIP Day Attendees on Tuesday December 3rd from 3pm – 5pm in the main lobby.

What if I arrive late?

We’ll hang at the table until 8pm to ensure you get in alright. After that, please contact info@frontrowdads.com if you need help or head directly into the main ballroom. 

When can I check into my room?​

Check-in starts at 4pm. You can stop by registration before or after checking into your room. Totally up to you.

Should I eat dinner before arriving?​

Not unless you want 2 dinners! Upon registration, you will be assigned to a small group to head to dinner.

What can I do after registration and before dinner?​

This time is unstructured, hang with others in the lobby!


Where can I find the agenda? ​

The agenda is simple and won’t be published anywhere else beyond what’s below on this page. Our flow is always subject to minor updates so we can keep momentum and energy strong! 

Should I attend the EARLY Morning Activities?

YES! While you are grown men who will do whatever the F*** you want, these sessions are highly encouraged!

How can I get time with my band or other specific attendees?

There will be a few opportunities to connect with your bandmates or buddies. 

Such as:

  • Registration night
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Sweat Activities
  • Free time after Sweat
Will the sessions be recorded?​

Not entirely, we’ll be collecting some footage throughout the event which will be published as reels after the event.


How can I stay informed during the event?

The group Telegram thread is our way of communicating important items with you leading up to, and during the event. We’ll utilize polling and open up the chat for anyone to make a comment at specific times. Otherwise this is an announcement-only thread! This group is open only to registered attendees! The group may be deleted within 48hrs of the event ending.

1. Download the Telegram app to your mobile device

2. We will drop you an email with a link to our private group for “FRD LIVE Attendees”.

How do I see who will be at the event? ​

One of the perks of being in the Telegram thread is the visibility of all attendees who are also on the thread. Simply click on the group name and then a list of members will appear.

Don’t worry. Your email address and phone number will never be visible so you decide who you want to connect with!

Who do I contact for help regarding this event?

Contact Rebecca Herzog – FRD Live Events Coordinator at Bex@frontrowdads.com

Hotel Information

How can I reserve my room for the event?

Book through this private booking link for the Line Hotel. We secured these dates and rates exclusively for you for this event.

How do I add extra nights to my reservation?

Direct to the hotel upon creating your initial reservation.

Who do I contact to make changes to my reservation?

If you’re a ticket holder with an existing reservation please contact the hotel directly: The Tommie (737)-205-1234


What should I wear at the event?

You should wear what makes you comfortable! We’re talkin’ casual attire — jeans, t-shirts, cowboy hat… etc.

Need to step away for a moment?​

We understand that you could be called into action for the family at any time, and that’s okay. We prefer that any non-urgent or business-related matters be saved for your free-time or transition time. BE HERE WITH US!

Will there be a digital version of the printed event manual?​

Yes. You’ll get access to the link at the event if you prefer the digital version over our printed copy at the event.

Tips for Attending​

💡The goal isn’t to overload your plate. The intention is to be fully present in what shows up for you (really feeling into your body), so you can return home refreshed and recharged

💡Tell your business you are going offline (as best you can)

💡Bookend your trip by having time with your family

💡Consider bringing a journal, athletic clothes & athletic shoes

💡On the way in, consider what would make this event a success for you

💡On the way out, breathe into what happened and who you met, and journal a bit if you need to get your thoughts out

We understand that you could be called into action for the family at any time, and that’s okay. We prefer that any non-urgent or business-related matters be saved for your free-time or transition time. BE HERE WITH US!

Refunds & Payment

Please find below our refund policy:

  • You can cancel your ticket and receive a full refund if you email us your request at least 30 days before the event. 
  • If you request to cancel within 2 weeks of the event, you are eligible for a 50% refund, or you may defer the whole amount to next year’s event.
  •  Within 7 days of the event, you are not eligible for a refund or transfer. Your investment will go on to generously fund the FRD mission.

Please contact us at info@frontrowdads.com if you are cannot attend FRDL, we will be happy to find the best option for you.