Be A Better Dad

A brotherhood for family men with businesses,

not businessmen with families


Front Row Dads is a growth-centered brotherhood that focuses on…

  1. Intentional Parenting
  2. Integrated Living
  3. Thriving Marriage
  4. Emotional Mastery
  5. Vibrant Health
  6. Financial Integrity

Rites of Passage for Boys with Jon Tyson

In this episode, Jon Tyson discusses his program “Primal Path”, a right of passage. He shares how his connection with God guided him in raising his sons and building a strong family relationship.

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The Messed Up Relationship between Boys and Their Feelings

It’s below zero in Chicago, and none of the boys are wearing coats.

I’m driving the middle school carpool—two boys, two girls. The girls are each dressed in heavy winter coats, thick gloves, and knitted stocking caps. Both boys are wearing hoodies, with no outerwear. They’re not abnormal amongst their peers. When we arrive at the school, almost every other boy will be dressed the same way. So, I ask them, “Why are the girls wearing coats, but you’re not?” One of them responds with an answer that makes no sense.

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Make More Time with Sachin Patel

In this episode Sachin Patel proves he leads by example and motivates others to take ownership over their own health. He is a passionate visionary that serves as both a teacher and a guide to help people create their best life and bring out their inner healer.

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This is REAL empathy

How do you define empathy?

Marshall Rosenberg, the founder the Center for Nonviolent Communication said in an interview, “Empathy, I would say is presence. Pure presence to what is alive in a person at this moment, bringing nothing in from the past. The more you know a person, the harder empathy is.”

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