Be A Better Dad

A brotherhood for family men with businesses,

not businessmen with families


Front Row Dads is a growth-centered brotherhood that focuses on…

  1. Intentional Parenting
  2. Integrated Living
  3. Thriving Marriage
  4. Emotional Mastery
  5. Vibrant Health
  6. Financial Integrity

Communication For Connection with Nate Bailey

In this episode, Nate Bailey joins us to discuss the actions he took to maintain and grow a healthy relationship with his family. He also shares with us his way of listening, connecting, and communicating with his children and wife to avoid negative thoughts around the household.

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Farewell Babuska & Make Me Run

Love your family now. Who knows, they may be gone tomorrow. Hopefully not. Several months ago, I was looking at our holiday card list, and I was shocked by the…
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