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The Front Row Dads members are high-performing men who value growth and contribution.

  • Men who choose to be part of this brotherhood join a special tribe that share ideas, and establish a unique place to ask the toughest questions that you face as a husband, father and family man.
  • Front Row Dads will give you access to strategies so you can win at home faster and more effectively.
  • You will get the best training on the topics of marriage, emotional mastery, work/life balance, communication and other key topics for being the world-class family man you were born to be.

What's included?

Private Facebook Group

You’ll be invited to join a more exclusive conversation with a trusted group of brothers who hold space for your growth as a man working to improve yourself and your family.

Bi-Weekly Challenges

You’ll be given missions throughout the year to lift up your family life in unique and interesting ways.

Access to Small Groups

You’ll be invited to participate in small groups for higher levels of accountability.

Monthly Dad Video Trainings

You’ll be invited to join a more exclusive conversation with a trusted group of brothers who hold space for your growth as a man working to improve yourself and your family.

Q&A Session

Get exclusive access to dad experts and find answers to big questions.

Video Replays

Busy schedule?  Every video call is recorded and put into our video library so you can have easy access to listen 24/7 from your car, the gym, or walking the dogs.

Book Club

Get involved in the classic reads every dad should know about, and the most recent books to keep you on the cutting edge in the dad space.

Resource Library

Get our list of suggested resources that are a must for every dad.  Articles, videos, events, podcasts and other time-saving shortcuts for effective parenting.

90-Day Action Plans

Get support in planning your best year as a family, broken down into manageable quarterly plans.

Retreat Invites

Get invited twice each year to spend time in person, connecting with other extraordinary guys with a focus on fatherhood. These have limited seats and invites are given to members before anyone else.

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Happy Dads

Front Row Dads offers a place for fathers to learn new ideas, best practices, to encourage, support, and inspire each other to connect with our children. I always bring home a new energy, fresh perspective, and new concepts to explore with my family.

Lance Salazar

Father of 2

I had high expectations going into my first event after listening to many of the podcasts knowing there was going to be some high quality dads in the group. Even with the high expectations, the quality of guys involved is unbelievable.

Kelly Gilson

Father of 2

This is a group with incredible humility and eagerness to fill up the other members. You can’t help but be a better husband and father.

Joe Mancini

Father of 2

It is clear that each call can enrich the way we go about being our best. No other group is like Front Row Dad’s. This dynamic cannot be replicated. Being with these men is not only magically productive it’s the only way to create breakthrough. This takes 1st priority in my schedule because of the positive direct impact it has on my family and our future.

Matthew Storm

Father of 3

To be surrounded by a group of guys who model vulnerability, have great ideas about parenting and marriage, and are there to support each other is something I had never experienced before. I feel lucky to have somehow stumbled into this great group.

Vivek Sankaran

Father of 3

When you surround yourself with a group of people with a shared intentional focus to be better husbands and fathers, you cannot help but to return to your family a better version of yourself. The relationships I have built in this community provide a higher level of accountability and learning for my most important role of being a Dad.

Ryan Snow

Father of 3

I became a member knowing that being a better dad was important. What I’ve gained was entirely unexpected. I not only became a better dad but a better husband and a better man. This has changed my life, I can’t wait for more!

John Ruhlin

Father of 3

When I look back on my life, I believe I’ll be most proud of the ‘work’ I’ve done within my family. The Front Row Dads membership has unquestionably helped me be a better father and husband, which in the end will help every generation of Elrods for years to come.

Hal Elrod

Father of 2