Get Aligned With What Matters Most - Family.

The future of humanity depends on men showing up for their families

As leaders in our spaces, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our families, to our community and also to the world. When hundreds of men pour into their spouse and kids, that impacts the communities, and a collection of flourishing communities sustaining harmonic life on earth for all mankind.  So get to Austin for this 2nd Annual Front Row Dads LIVE Year-End Summit and join over 100+ fathers for a 3 DAY experience to evolve as a father.

Build Relationships

Embrace bold action, amplify your strengths, defy odds and courageously step into every challenge in the company of epic fathers.

Gain Resources

Walk among men who show up in a relentless pursuit for learning opportunities and growth for a collective win and sharing of resources.

Deliver Results

We won’t add to your already full plate, walk away with the little hinges that swing the BIG doors, impacting generations to come.

It's Simple.
We Are Better,

The Front Row Dads Live Summit is bringing fathers together from around the world to increase awareness, build brotherhood and ignite action to be better fathers and husbands.

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Designed by dads, for dads

Starting 4:00PM December 2nd 2022


Get grounded at opening night. Check-in to our spot for the weekend at the Hotel Van Zandt Kimpton in down town Austin for immediate connection through small group discussions and sharing your big “ASK” for the event.

Starting 4:00PM December 2nd 2022
December 3rd 2022


Take the deep dive.We’re talkin’ breathwork, a Miracle Morning and paired interviews (oh and that’s all before lunchtime). Discover your “Jam Band” in the afternoon and have a blast exploring Austin with them.

December 3rd 2022
December 3rd 2022


We’re covering all 6 Pillars. You will hear from legendary men in our wisdom packed, quick pillar talks and immediately get time to unpack topics with other dads in small groups. Reconnect with your jam band and who knows, there’s might even be some “late night” activities…

December 3rd 2022
ending 3:00PM December 4th 2022


Implement new insights. On this day you’ll revisit your big ask and get time with one another to iron out the actionable takeaways so that you return to your family inspired and equipped to come back, your fullest self. We’re all in right up until the end.

ending 3:00PM December 4th 2022

The 6 pillars of a Front Row Dad

Intentional Parenting

Become fully present, endlessly curious and active participants in the emerging genius within our children.

Business Evolution

Structure our businesses and calendars so that we are consciously choosing to be family men with businesses, not business men with families.

Emotional Intelligence

Perceive, process, and evaluate emotions thus developing our self-awareness, empathy and inherent insights which guide us from a stable state of being.

Wealth & Legacy

Responsibly using our vast resources to create an abundant life for our kids and generations to come.

Vibrant Health

Step fully into practices that elevate our mental, physical and spiritual states so we may best serve our family, business and community.

Thriving Marriage

Create a dynamic partnership that makes each person feel fully alive while providing a model to our kids for a healthy relationship.

Guest Speakers

We’ll get time with these deeply connected fathers and leaders.




Josh Trent

Father of 1, Founder of Wellness Force Media an Host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast

Stefanos Sifandos

Father of 1, Behavioural Scientist and Relationships Coach

Erik Van Horn

Father of 3, franchising specialist, expert in multi-unit, semi-absentee business ownership

Kasim Aslam

father of 2, Author, Digital Marketing Thought Leader

Mike McCarthy

Father of 2, Speaker, Author, Co-Founder GoBundance

Joshua Wenner

Veteran, Filmmaker & Emotional Resilience Expert

Rich Christiansen

Father of 5, Author, Humanitarian, Mentor, and Thought Leader

Tucker Max

Father of 5, Author, Co-Founder Scribe Media, Texas Rancher

New & Familiar Faces

If you’re new to this environment, prepare to make incredible, life-long accountability partners. If you’ve been following Front Row Dads already, are coming with your “band” or are bringing a friend, get ready to amplify your existing connections!

“When I look back on my life, I believe I’ll be most proud of the ‘work’ I’ve done within my family. Front Row Dads has unquestionably helped me be a better father and husband, which in the end will help every generation of Elrods for years to come.”
“The level of connection formed at Front Row Dad events is quite frankly, INSANE. I’ve yet to attend and event and NOT come out with 10 times what I was hoping for.”
“Awesome men learning together to be their best selves for their family, bringing together top-tier tools, techniques, conversations and friendships.”

The Journey

Get Aligned.. in austin

Where businessmen with families become family men with businesses.

We go deep.
we ask big questions like...

“You Get 18 Summers With Your Kids.” – Jim Sheils, Author Of The Family Board Meeting

These Are Our Only Rules

Meet Your Team


Admission to the big event, hotel pricing and availability upon request.

Absolutely. Each day includes 2-3 hours of unstructured time for you to connect as you’d like.

We don’t recommend bringing family with you while you’re at this event.

Of course, just contact our team once you’re confirmed and we can help.

Nope, this event is open to all fathers! But if you are a member, prepare to meet a bunch of familiar facing from the community!

Tickets are fully refundable up to 30 days before the event. Within 2 weeks of the event you are eligible for a 50% refund or you may defer the whole amount to next year’s event. After we are 7 days out from the event, your investment will go on to generously fund the FRD mission (ticket becomes non-refundable and non-transferable).

Get Answers

Shoot a question over to our team and we’ll help get you clarity.