What's included?

Private Community Access

You’ll be invited to join a more exclusive conversation with a trusted group of brothers who hold space for your growth as a man working to improve yourself and your family.

“This is the exact type of people I want to be spending my time with, for accountability, for new ideas, for relationships.” – Justin Donald

Personal & Team Challenges

You’ll be given missions throughout the year to lift up your family life in unique and interesting ways.

Small Group Conversations

You’ll be invited to participate in small groups for higher levels of accountability.

Marriage Coaching

Our Coaches hold space for you to dig deep and open up about the relationships that matter most to you.

Monthly Trainings with Q&A

Get exclusive access to dad experts and find answers to big questions.

“Front Row Dads offers a place for fathers to learn new ideas, best practices, to encourage, support, and inspire each other to connect with our children. I always bring home a new energy, fresh perspective, and new concepts to explore with my family.” – Lance Salazar

Audio & Video Replays

Full schedule?  Every group call is recorded and put into our resource library so you can have easy access to listen 24/7 from your car, the gym, or walking the dogs.

Top Rated Books

You’ll get access to the most recent books along with briefings and reviews so you can get more big ideas in less time.

Resource Library

Get our list of suggested resources that are a must for every dad.  Articles, videos, events, podcasts and other time-saving shortcuts for effective parenting.

Wealth & Legacy Planning

Get support in planning your best year as a family, broken down into manageable plans.

“When you surround yourself with a group of people with a shared intentional focus to be better husbands and fathers, you cannot help but to return to your family a better version of yourself. The relationships I have built in this community provide a higher level of accountability and learning for my most important role of being a Dad.” – Ryan Snow

Retreat Invites

Get invited twice each year to spend time in person, connecting with other extraordinary guys with a focus on fatherhood. These have limited seats and invites are given to members before anyone else.

You Don't Have To Commit Forever

You Can Reserve That For Your Family.
We want our dads to stay, but if for any reason they must go, exiting is as simple as an email letting us know. 

The Men who choose to join the FRD brotherhood are…

  • Entrepreneurial minded men who can see that building a family requires investing, just like their business
  • Men with wisdom, who are wise enough to know there’s more to learn
  • Guys who value being a “Family man with business, not businessman with family”
  • Dads who want to avoid some of the mistakes their fathers made, and start a new legacy
  • Men who want to design the future of fatherhood, and blend modern technologies with ancient wisdom to maximize impact
  • Those who believe “When you’re kicking ass, show up for others, because one day, when life is kicking your ass, others will show up for you.”  (Thanks to Front Row Dad Aaron A for this thought)
  • Men who choose to invest 1% of the year to sharpen the axe as a family man

We’re not a good fit for…

  • Men who have everything figured out when it comes to fatherhood and marriage.
  • ‘Know-it-alls’ with big egos
  • Men who choose to be known by the world, but are strangers to their family.
  • Men who put their own significance above family success
  • Men who would invest thousands into their growth as a business leader, or for the leaders on their teams, but fail to see the value of investing in their growth as a family man.
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  • REFLECT on what matters most and ask important QUESTIONS.

  • Have meaningful family-focused CONVERSATIONS.

  • Help each other identify BLIND SPOTS and explore solutions.

  • Gain CLARITY on your FAMILY STRATEGIES, commit to ACTION STEPS and build your calendar to support your MOST IMPORTANT COMMITMENTS.

  • Create and strengthen virtual and local “BANDS” for continued GROWTH and ACCOUNTABILITY.

  • Gain momentum so we can DELIVER BIG TO OUR FAMILIES.

Become part of the BROTHERHOOD