To be a member of Front Row Dads is one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. I’m only spending a small percentage of my time working on the role in my life that matters most. The legacy we can leave as a dad, is the most important legacy that we can leave.

Jon Berghoff

Father of 3

If you want to be intentional about being better at the most important thing that you’re on this planet to be, which is a husband and father, then you should absolutely join this group.

Ryan Rouse

Father of 3

One of the biggest highlights of my entire year has been becoming part of FRD. It’s changed my life, changed my relationship with my wife, and changed my relationship with my kids.

Ryan Levesque

Father of 2

Front Row Dads offers a place for fathers to learn new ideas, best practices, to encourage, support, and inspire each other to connect with our children. I always bring home a new energy, fresh perspective, and new concepts to explore with my family.

Lance Salazar

Father of 2

I had high expectations going into my first event after listening to many of the podcasts knowing there was going to be some high quality dads in the group. Even with the high expectations, the quality of guys involved is unbelievable.

Kelly Gilson

Father of 2

When you surround yourself with a group of people with a shared intentional focus to be better husbands and fathers, you cannot help but to return to your family a better version of yourself. The relationships I have built in this community provide a higher level of accountability and learning for my most important role of being a Dad.

Ryan Snow

Father of 3



  • REFLECT on what matters most and ask important QUESTIONS.

  • Have meaningful family-focused CONVERSATIONS.

  • Help each other identify BLIND SPOTS and explore solutions.

  • Gain CLARITY on your FAMILY STRATEGIES, commit to ACTION STEPS and build your calendar to support your MOST IMPORTANT COMMITMENTS.


  • Create and strengthen virtual and local “BANDS” for continued GROWTH and ACCOUNTABILITY.

  • Gain momentum so we can DELIVER BIG TO OUR FAMILIES.

Become part of the BROTHERHOOD