Family Men With Businesses, Not Businessmen With Families


We are action-takers, grounded in our mission to be family men with businesses, and we are hungry for wisdom that allows us to connect more deeply with our family, our business and ourselves.

Uniting High-Performing Dads Worldwide

Our members span the nation, continents, cultures, and upbringing, yet share a deep willingness to thrive in work AND at home.

There Isn't Just 1 Guru Here, There Are Hundreds of Men Committed To Growth

 The wisdom is in the community, and that’s why there isn’t one guru here…there’s hundreds of men and EPIC Speakers with wisdom, all open to helping others.

We Grow Within Our Six Pillars

At the heart of the Brotherhood lies a commitment to holistic growth, encompassing every facet of fatherhood. Our six pillars are designed to guide, support, and elevate your journey.

Wealth & Legacy​

Go beyond financial prosperity. Learn to responsibly harness your resources to craft an abundant life for your children and future generations. What legacy will you leave behind?

Vibrant Health

Embrace practices that uplift your mental, physical, and spiritual states. Be at your best, not just for your business, but for your family and community. Are you ready to step into your fullest potential?

Thriving Marriage

Reignite the spark and build a partnership that’s both dynamic and nurturing. Provide a model for your children of what a loving, healthy relationship looks like. When was the last time you truly connected with your spouse?

Intentional Parenting​

Be more than just present. Be an active participant in your child’s life, nurturing their emerging genius with curiosity and love. Are you fostering their true potential?

Business Evolution​

Structure your business with family at its core. Choose to be a family man with a business, not the other way around. Is your business serving your family’s needs?

Emotional Intelligence

Cultivate self-awareness, empathy, and deep insights. Navigate life’s challenges from a solid, stable state of being. How in tune are you with your emotions and those of your loved ones?

Here, Your 1-1's Can Have A Generational Impact

5 Reasons Why This Group Is Different

You Can Be More of Yourself

You Can Be More of Yourself

No question we’re the average of the people we hang with, so how many epic men do you feel deeply connected to that have shared values?

Deep Dive Conversations Are Abundant

Deep Dive Conversations Are Abundant

No topical B.S. here, just real and authentic explorations of questions that most dads won’t ever have.  While it is typical for high–capacity men to hide behind success, at FRD each member is invited to remove the mask, stop positioning for power, eliminate the need to angle for effect, and just be you.

The Accountability Produces Real Change

The Accountability Produces Real Change

We perform better when we’re accountable for our actions.   Who’s raising the bar for you when it comes to family life, and how your business impacts your family?  This brotherhood won’t let you slip.   We believe that the rising tide lifts all boats, and when you say yes to this tribe, we help you say yes to what matters most. 

Make Life-Long Brothers

Make Life-Long Brothers

People often talk about who shows up at your funeral when you’re dead.   I want to know who shows up to your home.  A true brother will show up,  year after year.   Do you have those men in your life?   Most do not.  most have acquaintances.  REAL BROTHERS will show up for your wife, your kids, forever.

You Are An Investor

You Are An Investor

When you believe in the Front Row Dads mission, and you say YES to this brotherhood, you become an investor.  You invest your time, energy and resources to stand for something you/we believe in.  The more members we have in FRD, the more powerful we become for each other, and the world.

These "Investors" Tell Their Story

Kasim Aslam

Founder of Solutions 8

Michael Wagner

CEO Storage Rebellion

Justin Donald

Author of Life Style Investor

So What's The Investment?

As you step into this community, you unlock a world of benefits tailored to elevate every aspect of fatherhood.




The Core Values of Brotherhood

At the heart of our Brotherhood are core values that guide every interaction, decision, and goals.

Jon Vroman

Founder of Front Row Dads

I’m a husband and father of two amazing boys first, and when I’m not doing that, I’m a social entrepreneur who helps people live life in the front row.

My passion is speaking, coaching and running live events.

I wrote a book —The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life With The Art of Moment Making. When people ask me what it’s about, I say –it’s everything you can learn about living life from people fighting for it.

In 2005, I co-founded Front Row Foundation to help create life-changing experiences for people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
How often do we meet or hold events?

We meet at least once monthly virtually and members have the chance to engage in more niche online events weekly, as well as live events which happen quarterly. 

What is the commitment or time investment required?

Men who join Front Row Dads should be prepared to commit 3-4 hours a month to “sharpening the axe” through FRD events & member connections

Can I try it before I commit? Is there a trial period?

There is no trial period. We are all in.

Who leads or facilitates the group?
The experiences you will have in this group are designed, hosted, and facilitated by our Leadership Team including the Founder, Jon Vroman. What happens in the experiences is a result of men showing up for each other, so we’ve also designed this space to give you a chance to share your wisdom in powerful ways.
How do members interact and communicate?

On Calls, Telegram Threads and at Live Events.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Some men will be in this group for life, but anyone can choose not to renew before the next billing cycle. 


Connect face-to-face with your team, clients, and partners using our high-definition video and crystal-clear audio.


Tailor your virtual meetings to fit your specific needs with customizable settings like waiting rooms and meeting passwords.


Tailor your virtual meetings to fit your specific needs with customizable settings like waiting rooms and meeting passwords.

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