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Frequent Ponders (fAQs)

Yes, we host public live events annually and semi-private locally-based events within our membership community

We exist is to create an intentional space where “family men with businesses” can build powerful RELATIONSHIPS, discover RESOURCES that serve your family, and deliver big RESULTS for generations to come.

In January of 2016 – Front Row Dads is mentioned for the 1st time at a coffee shop in Evesham, NJ. John Kane and Jon Vroman began talking about how to be better dads, then the 1st FRD in-person retreat was hosted in Philadelphia, PA in October of 2016!

Yes, we host public online events bimonthly called our “Summits” and member exclusive online events weekly within our membership community

These are Family Men with Businesses not Businessmen with Families who have wisdom, who are wise enough to know there’s more to learn.

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