Be the man, make the plan & don’t forget the coconut oil!

Tatyana and I just had an incredible 2-day date.

The winning ingredients:

– 1 downtown hotel
– 0 kids
– 27 hours of open space
– 1 sexy dress
– Endless options

Guys… My wife and I needed this time.

For most of us, the last several months have been intense.

For me, it’s been sleepless nights, which led to some pretty big fights.

Our disconnect lately has been fueled by the massive shifts in our schedules.

There has been no shortage of things to talk about, and we feel the pressure of big decisions on the horizon.

Amidst all the turmoil, I remind myself that taking a stand for the world starts with taking a stand for my family.

And in the #1 spot for my family, is my wife.

Her wellbeing is paramount.

I also can’t deny that she’s impacted by my attention, or lack thereof.

In order for her to come alive fully (which I love to see), she needs to be wholeheartedly cherished, whisked off on adventures, given space to dance and ravished with boundless love.


And since this is an open kimono type of email, she needs amazing sex with big orgasms.

Oh…and for those easily offended or don’t want to have real talk, this is where you might stop reading 🙂

Being honest with yourself about your marriage right now, how lit up is your spouse?

Does she feel accepted, respected, appreciated and desired?

A week ago, I would have given myself an atrocious score.

Today, I feel like a winner!

So much can change in 24 hours.

And for guys who like to be in control, it’s nice to know that with one decision, one big action, anything (EVERYTHING) can change the vibe of your relationship.

The lesson for me this week is that I must MAKE TIME.  I must put her in the number one spot, and make sure she’s FEELS it.

Yes I want to build an epic business, but not at the expense of my marriage.

So gents…

When is your next 2-day overnight date?

Be the man and make the plan.

Surprise her, take control, step up.

Date your wife.

Kiss her.

Tell her how pretty she is.

Have great conversations about your best times together, what’s awesome now, and what you want for the future.

Pack the coconut oil, surprise her with a new sex toy, and tell her to put on that pretty dress (but skip the panties) 🙂

And most important of all, give her an orgasm before you even think about yourself.

Repeat this plan as needed, or better yet, before it’s needed 🙂

Good luck men,


Let's Keep This Relationship Going

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