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About The Front Row Story

How living life in the “Front Row” came to be. 

The Front Row Foundation

Our story begins in 2005, with the establishment of the Front Row Foundation, a beacon of hope and joy for individuals and families braving critical health challenges. Jon Vroman, driven by a vision to make a significant difference, founded this charitable organization to grant life-changing experiences to those facing significant health struggles. Through donations, volunteering, and spreading messages of love, the Front Row Community has been a source of light, enabling individuals to enjoy front-row experiences at live events, creating unforgettable memories and moments of pure joy.

The Pivotal Moment

Jon’s journey took a pivotal turn towards personal growth and family engagement. As a celebrated speaker and author, Jon inspired countless individuals across the country with his message of moving from the back row to the front row of life. His book, “The Front Row Factor: Everything You Can Learn About Life From Those Fighting For It,” encapsulates the essence of living fully, a theme that has permeated his life’s work. However, it was a moment of self-reflection about his role as a father and husband that sparked the birth of Front Row Dads in 2016.

Front Row Dads

Front Row Dads was founded on the realization that being a dedicated family man is not a role one steps into only after work; it is the primary work. It was this insight that led Jon to reevaluate his priorities and focus on what truly mattered—his family. This brotherhood is for fathers who seek not only to excel in their personal and professional lives but to do so with their families at the forefront of their hearts and minds.

A Thriving Vision

Since its inception, Front Row Dads has evolved into a Growth Centered Brotherhood, emphasizing vibrant health, emotional mastery, thriving marriages, intentional parenting, business evolution, wealth, and legacy. We believe in being family men with a business, not businessmen with a family. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our community, where we continuously seek, share, and grow together, striving for balance and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

My Story

About Jon Vroman


A few years ago, someone asked, “What do you do Jon?” I replied, “I’m a speaker, author, and founder of Front Row Foundation.”

Then I paused…

Wait… let me try that again… “I’m a father and husband, and when I’m not doing that, I…” Parenting wasn’t something I did when I was off work. It was my primary work.

I used to have folders on my desktop for every area of my life and business, 

but nothing for my family.

I wasn’t approaching what I felt was a critical mission with the same intensity that I approached everything else — my business, charity, fitness, finances, etc. Over the past 20 years, I’ve invested big to grow personally and professionally.

But, what about my family?

Front Row Dads was the answer to that question. I didn’t start this brotherhood because I had all the answers, it was because I was in search of them.

Since 2016, we’ve built a Growth Centered Brotherhood that focuses on…


1. Vibrant Health

2. Emotional Mastery

3. Thriving Marriage

4. Intentional Parenting

5. Business Evolution

6. Wealth & Legacy


If you align with the idea of being a family man with a business, and not a businessman with a family, then it may be time to explore joining us.


What's Possible Through FRD


I want to create a powerful experience for a niche group of men, so they can build deep connections with other men on similar journeys.  

My vision is for each man to be fully seen and respected as he travels through this life.  

I want guys who are the right fit for FRD, to find their home here, for a lifetime. 

I envision creating the most well put together, most thoughtful, most soulful, most impactful men’s group for fathers on the planet.  

My hope is that men who co-create this will want their kids to be part of this experience. 

My desire is that we’re always growing together, making adjustments to our programs, based on how we change and the world changes. 

I see an evolution for the word dad, where it’s not a joke, but a word that’s revered among women, children and peers.  

I see solid men contributing in healthy ways to the global eco system, solving the worlds biggest problems, starting at home. 


Our Amazing Team

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Alex Martinez Chief Designer
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Erik Genie Chief Designer
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Phoebe Arla Chief Designer
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Claudia Arla Chief Designer

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