Honoring Boundaries and Breaking Rules with Andrew Kuhn & Matt Drinkhahn – Part 1

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A friend of mine reached out to chat the other day. And as much as I love to chat, I really just wanted to tell them that I had no time. Absolutely none. And that’s hard for me. 

I don’t know about you, but time management and scheduling in my calendar really kicks my ass sometimes.

How do we actually get everything done in our schedules and then have time to be dads? How do we learn to set boundaries around saying no to certain things?

Luckily, we have Andrew Kuhn and ‘Coach’ Matt Drinkhahn on today’s two part episode talking to us about what’s proven to be effective in our calendars, where we fail, and how we learn from that.

These two family men are successful business owners, and members of Front Row Dads. Matt is a coach for recovering perfectionists and highly functioning workaholics, while Andrew is the owner of a real estate investment company—and they’re absolutely killing it.

They teach us about integrity in keeping our commitments, and knowing when to break the rules surrounding the boundaries you’ve made for yourself if something just isn’t working.

You can’t buy time and what takes up that time is important. If you’ve ever struggled with figuring out the ebb and flow of work-life integration, you won’t want to miss today’s episode!

Some of the topics I discuss in Part 1 with Andrew Kuhn & Matt Drinkhahn

  • How do you learn to say no effectively?
  • Tactics that work for your calendar. 
  • How do you have integrity and respect for yourself simultaneously?
  • Practice what you preach!
  • Boundaries that set yourself up to be a successful dad.
  • Be at peace with conflicts, they come up everyday. 
  • How getting a cellphone jail can change your life.
  • Figure out how to make time to think and reflect. 
  • Fundamentals of being a great business man and fantastic dad. 
  • Gain the confidence to accelerate in all avenues of your life and make your actions congruent with your priorities. 
“Learn to hold your boundaries and know when to break rules. Have integrity in your commitments. But also recognize when you have to break the rules, when something doesn’t work. It’s a constant evaluation.” - Jon Vroman Share on X “Investing time in your kids helps your marriage.” - Matt Drinkhahn Share on X “Growth comes from consuming knowledge and information, and processing decisions quickly.” - Andrew Kuhn Share on X

Andrew Kuhn and Matt Drinkhahn Links & Other Resources

Andrew Khun Bio

Andrew KuhnAndrew Khun is the president of Urban Communities, a company that improves people’s lives through the development/redevelopment of sustainable living. Andrew went to school to major in pre-med, before he decided to make the huge decision to move to Detroit and start buying real estate for a living. Andrew has a 15 year track record dealing in residential real estate, dealing with everything from construction and operations, to acquisitions and property management.

Matt Drinkhahn Bio

Matt DrinkhahnMatt Drinkhan is a business coach who guides high-performance individuals. Matt went to Wofford College, and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Business Economics. He later went on to pursue the corporate world, where he was Cutco/Vector marketing district manager for three years. Matt then tried out professional golf for a 30-month stint. After suffering from a crippling spinal injury, he’s made it his mission to spread the mindset of sharpening our challenges into advantages.

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