Reflection, Intention, and Implementation with Andrew Kuhn & Matt Drinkhahn – Part 2

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So much of our progress is based on our time to think. It’s built in the recovery process and the time your body has to reflect.

I think these trends of excellence and patterns of progress are foundations to our success as dads.

On today’s part 2 of a 2-part episode, we’ve got Andrew Kuhn and Matt Drinkhahn talking about effective implementation on the boundaries we make.

How do we learn new things and implement them into our calendars for our families and businesses? 

Check out today’s episode to find out! And if you missed out on part 1, click here to listen to the rest of the discussion.

Some of the topics I discuss in Part 2 with Andrew Kuhn & Matt Drinkhahn

  • What’s the strategy/process to learning information, deciding what’s important and implementing change in your life?
  • How does journaling and The Miracle Morning help you to achieve your goals?
  • Growth comes from consuming knowledge and information and process decisions quickly.
  • Learn to consume information with intent. 
  • What is the Slight Edge strategy?
  • Be intentional in how you use your battery.
  • How do you know when to stop consuming information and how do you know what to consume?
  • Who are you being better for?
“Investing time in your kids helps your marriage.” - Matt Drinkhahn Share on X “Growth comes from consuming knowledge and information, and processing decisions quickly.” - Andrew Kuhn Share on X

Andrew Kuhn and Matt Drinkhahn Links & Other Resources

Andrew Khun Bio

Andrew KuhnAndrew Khun is the president of Urban Communities, a company that improves people’s lives through the development/redevelopment of sustainable living. Andrew went to school to major in pre-med, before he decided to make the huge decision to move to Detroit and start buying real estate for a living. Andrew has a 15 year track record dealing in residential real estate, dealing with everything from construction and operations, to acquisitions and property management.

Matt Drinkhahn Bio

Matt DrinkhahnMatt Drinkhan is a business coach who guides high-performance individuals. Matt went to Wofford College, and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Business Economics. He later went on to pursue the corporate world, where he was Cutco/Vector marketing district manager for three years. Matt then tried out professional golf for a 30-month stint. After suffering from a crippling spinal injury, he’s made it his mission to spread the mindset of sharpening our challenges into advantages.

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