How to Love a Woman, Bro-countability, and Dropping In Quickly with Blake “Fly” Fleischacker

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Of our three core values in FRD, Authentic Curiosity is at the top of the list.

One thing I love about our community is that members have deep wisdom, while remaining wise enough to know there’s more to learn.

They have an insatiable appetite for resources that help them be more present and powerful at home.

When I learned about the questions my buddy Blake started asking about thriving in his marriage, and succeeding as a dad, I needed to have a longer conversation on the podcast.

Let’s rewind for a second and set the stage here…

Before Blake even moved in with his wife, he started asking around, “How do you live with a woman?”

Some answers were lackluster… Stuff like “Don’t leave the toilet seat up”, but he was looking for more than platitudes.

One day, a guy dropped some wisdom when he said…


Wake up with intention and positive anticipation so that you don’t miss a thing.

Eventually the question evolved to “How do you love a woman?”

And then questions about fatherhood.

Our interview is fun, and filled with brilliance.

In this chat, we talk about “bro-countability” meetings, unexpected appreciation, how to accept and love your partner for who she is every day, and so much more!

Blake “Fly” Fleischacker Highlights

  • Life motivators: LIL (Location Independent Lifestyle), FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and Family
  • How to wake up ready and support your wife’s needs with the question, “Who are you today, my love?
  • Building a group of “paternity brothers” who will support you during early parenthood.
  • Why every Dad needs a Bro-countability partner
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Blake “Fly” Fleischacker Links & Other Resources

Blake “Fly” Fleischacker Bio

Blake Fly believes that showing up for people (and showing them appreciation) in unexpected ways is key in improving work and personal relationships.

He’s a proud dad to son Koah, husband to his wife Emily, a musician, entrepreneur and 8-time TEDx speaker (which you can find on his website).

He started off as a keynote speaker at colleges and highschools for students of all ages (including kindergartners) and has been invited to speak at Lululemon, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

He is currently completing a personal project called #Reach1000Lives, sharing business building strategies by filming ONE FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO per day. He recently cleared 744 consecutive days in a row!

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Disclaimer: The transcription you’re about to read was produced digitally. It’s 95% accurate, however at times, the system interprets words incorrectly.

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