Growing Up Mormon, Rapid Business Growth & Saving The American Dream

For high achieving Dads, it’s far too common to get sucked into cycles of success. When we’re addicted to being busy, it’s easy to let ourselves think that we just need to write one more book or do one more round of speaking events – and providing for our families becomes our excuse to keep going. 

So, how do we get the job done AND show up for our families? 

Earlier this year, Brock Blake had to answer this question for himself like never before. After COVID-19 hit, his company Lendio became a massively valuable resource for small business owners, many of whom couldn’t get access to PPP loans through their banks. This required Brock to pull 20-hour days for six straight weeks and proved to be ten times harder than anything else he’d ever done in his career. As Brock put it, “We changed our mission from fueling the American dream to saving the American dream.

But how did he manage all of this, without sacrificing his family in the process?

Today, Brock joins the podcast to talk about his journey, and to bust the myth that it’s impossible to build a great business, while also having a great relationship with your wife and kids!

Gold Nuggets

  • The value of missionary work.
  • The influence a Dad’s behavior has on their kids. 
  • What a religious upbringing can teach you about life and business.
  • How Brock scaled his company and onboarded hundreds of employees, while maintaining balance at home.
  • How to navigate the stress and strain of long workdays.
  • Brock’s 3-part playbook for being a Dad that wins in business AND life.
  • The importance of being present at work and at home.
  • Ways to involve your kids in your business.
'You have to sacrifice many things to be both a great businessman and husband/father. I’m not there yet, but I strive to be both.' - Brock Blake Share on X

Big Questions Asked

  • What does the Blake family name mean to you? 
  • In what ways do our fathers influence us? 
  • Why should we expose our kids to discomfort at early ages?
  • What did you learn from growing up as a Mormon?
  • Tell us about the genesis story of Lendio and how that ties in to your mission trip to Uruguay?
  • Why is the busy season so addictive? 
  • Is it possible to be both a great Dad AND a great businessman?
  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • How can we get better sleep, more often? 
  • Why is one-on-one time with our kids so important? 
  • When you look at what happened in 2020 as a dad and as a business owner, what’s one thing you would like to make an improvement in when it comes to your family life?
'We changed our mission from fueling the american dream to saving the american dream.' - Brock Blake Share on X

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More About Brock Blake

It’s been said that a man’s finest hour comes when he’s worked his heart out for a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle —victorious. For Brock Blake, this may be his moment.

As co-founder and CEO of Lendio, Brock spent the last nine years developing technology to get loans to more people, more quickly, and more efficiently than traditional lenders. Under his leadership, Lendio grew to be the largest online marketplace for small business loans in America. So when the coronavirus pandemic struck, he knew he was in a unique position to make a difference.

Brock and his team immediately got to work building the tech and infrastructure needed to handle billions of dollars in relief loans. Working 20-hour days for six straight weeks, they onboarded over 300 lenders, hired 200 new employees, and built an entire PPP loan application process from scratch. Since then, Lendio’s free-to-use marketplace has become a vital resource for small businesses during the pandemic. It’s helped 100,000+ small businesses access $8B in relief funding and saved an estimated 1.2 million jobs.

Brock has plenty of accomplishments — he’s founded two successful companies and been named an Inc. 500 CEO — but none he’s more proud of than the amazing work the Lendio team is doing to help save the American dream. And while the pandemic might not be done yet, neither is he.

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