Choose Her Everyday (or Leave her), How Men are Setup to Fail in Relationships and the Masculine Objection with Bryan Reeves

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The truth is, if we’re crushing it at work but not doing the same at home with our spouse/partner, eventually, it’ll catch up with you, and everything (and everyone) suffers the consequences.

Men have been taught that showing vulnerability in relationships is a sign of weakness. So we build walls to shield ourselves from the hurt and pain that can come with opening up to our partner. And when those walls come crashing down, we’re often confused about how to handle the situation.

On the flip side, men who acknowledge their vulnerability can foster a deep sense of connection and intimacy with their spouse. That’s why I’m pumped to have Bryan Reeves on the show today.

Bryan is an author and relationship coach who helps men, women, and couples create thriving lives and intimate relationships. His Men, This Way blog has been read by over 30 million people worldwide, and his work has been featured in The Good Men Project, Buzzfeed, Allure, Medium, Playboy, and others.

In this conversation, we dig into Bryan’s tools for communicating clearly and with love and respect for your partner and the importance of establishing boundaries as early as possible.

Bryan also shares three principles for showing up at your best in your relationship and the transformational power of intentionally choosing your partner every day instead of leaving your relationship on auto-pilot.

Bryan Reeves Podcast Highlights

  • You miss countless opportunities for an intimate connection with your partner every day.
  • How people are afraid to set boundaries in their relationship and how to overcome this challenge.
  • How to reconcile the different masculine and feminine core values.
  • Daily connection practices of thriving couples.
  • Ego doesn’t belong in a relationship. It’s better to be kind than to be right.
  • How to ask what we want without blaming the other person.
  • The difference between being empathetic to her needs and doing what she wants you to do.
  • Learning to speak each other’s love languages brings out the best in the relationship.
  • The best relationships aren’t born. They’re cultivated for years.
“Real relationships begin the day we get over the fantasy of the relationship.” - Bryan Reeves Share on X “One of the ways that we men have been set up to fail is that we’ve been taught that outcome is more important than the relationship.” - Bryan Reeves Share on X “Criticism is direction given that isn’t being asked for. Feedback is a vulnerable revealing of my experience.” - Bryan Reeves Share on X “I don’t believe in 50-50 relationships. I believe in 100-100 relationships.” - Bryan Reeves Share on X

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Bryan Reeves Bio

Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves is a life and relationship coach who specializes in helping men, women, and couples build thriving relationships. He’s a former US Air Force Captain, and is now an internationally renowned author and host of the podcast, “Men, This Way.” His viral blog “Men, This Way” has been read by over 30 million people worldwide. He’s been a regular blog contributor to The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog and is the author of two books, including his latest, Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her), and Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May, that have helped thousands of people across the globe make sense of love and intimacy.

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