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Christian ElliotIn a super-divisive world, how do we find common ground, do what’s best for our families, and approach things with an open mind?

We may not have a clear answer at all times, but sometimes we come across some information that opens our minds to another point of view. And Christian Elliott’s article titled, “18 Reasons Why I’m Not Getting a Covid Vaccine” is definitely one of them.

A friend of mine told me that I had to read his article, which has now been seen millions of times all over the world, and it really resonated with me. I was struck by how well it was written, the classy approach he took, and his courage in speaking out. 

And after reading his article, I knew I needed to have him on the podcast to talk about a lot of the questions we’ve probably all had at one point or another over this past year.

Christian is a certified personal trainer, life coach, and a nutrition coach. He’s all about living a healthy lifestyle and helping others figure out what inspires them. He has a fascination with the human body, human psychology, and a willingness to have honest discussions with people who may have a different point of view.

In today’s conversation, Christian and I aren’t just talking about how to keep ourselves and our families healthy–we’re talking about what it means to stand up for what we really believe in and how to teach our children to do the same.

Some of the topics I discuss with Christian Elliot

  • What makes health such a passionate subject for Christian–and how he went from being frequently sick in his late 20s to finding his best health in his 40s.
  • How can we embody the values most important to us every single day?
  • The power of sitting and creating space for your kids’ emotions.
  • Why Christian believes “He wasn’t really present” is the worst thing our kids could say about us.
  • How to teach kids to be open-minded.
  • Why Christian felt compelled to write his article about COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Why the thought of his kids saying “He didn’t stand up for what was right” would be such a dagger to him.
  • Why is the world so bad at talking about our health in practical, meaningful ways?
“I always look at what I’m trying to learn through the lens of could I teach this.” - Christian Elliot Click To Tweet “Asking a question to someone, what I'm offering them is the opportunity to explain what they think.” - Christian Elliot Click To Tweet

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Christian Elliot‘s Bio

Christian ElliotChristian is a self-proclaimed “health nerd”, and a husband and father of five children. He’s a Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Nutrition Coach. 

Since 2003, he has logged over 15,000 hours of one-on-one coaching. His quest to heal led him to use over three dozen different alternative modalities. 

Christian is also an author, speaker, and educator, and with the help of his wife Nina, they’ve built an incredible holistic fitness-and-wellness business.

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