Dad Advice: Words of Wisdom From Men Who Love Being Dads with Craig Kessler

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What would you learn if you asked 40 amazing guys to write you a letter sharing their best dad advice?

Well, Craig Kessler did exactly this — and now he’s sharing everything he learned in his new book, The Dad Advice Project: Words of Wisdom From Guys Who Love Being Dad (coming out on June 1).

Dad Advice: Words of Wisdom From Men Who Love Being Dads with Craig Kessler

Craig Kessler

As you’ll hear in my chat with Craig, his inspiration for the book actually stemmed from not having a great relationship with his own father. 

In his search for answers, he decided to ask a handful of friends to write him a letter on “how to be a good dad.” 

The responses he received inspired him to compile stories from 40+ dads from all walks of life — including professional athletes, TV personalities, businessmen, civic leaders, military veterans, and more! 

On our call, Craig shares some of the best insights from the book and provides actionable strategies that you can use to win as a husband and father 🙂 

BTW, if you’d like to get a free copy of Craig’s book, leave us a review on iTunes, mention this episode and Craig in the review, and take a screenshot. Send it to, and I’ll buy and mail you a copy of the book!

“The most common piece of advice that came up in the book is that kids need to feel physically and psychologically safe.” - @CraigKessler Share on X

Craig Kessler’s Podcast Highlights

  • What life was like growing up for Craig
  • How not being able to connect with his own father led Craig to want to connect with other awesome dads about parenting.
  • Why is there so little good content for dads out there that’s interesting or engaging?
  • What makes parenting such a sacred rite of passage?
  • Why is it so hard to find the perfect balance when it comes to performing as a parent, as a husband, and at work? 
  • The two pieces of advice that came up time and time again in the letters Craig received.
  • Why does Craig’s family stand on chairs before dinner?
  • How can we integrate our kids into our work? 
  • Why is it so important to leave doors unlocked when we’re working? 
  • What makes crowdsourcing such an awesome way to learn? 
  • Differentiating between comparing and competition. 
  • How does being a high-level business leader help – and hurt – our performance as parents and husbands? 
  • How can we benefit as a family by taking interest in what our spouses love to do?
  • How and why parents should fight in front of their kids.
  • What should we say to our spouses and our kids after a fight?
  • How do we create opportunities for people to build from scratch, rather than forcing them to fine-tune others’ ideas?
“The world is just a happier place when people collaborate and co-exist as opposed to worrying about who is better.” - @CraigKessler Share on X

Craig Kessler’s Links & Other Resources

Craig Kessler’s Bio

Craig Kessler

Born and raised in San Diego, Craig Kessler attended Georgetown University before starting a career in business, the early years of which he spent working in consulting and private equity. After marrying his high school sweetheart, he attended Harvard Business School. Several years after graduating, he was offered the chance of a lifetime—to help lead a business called Topgolf. Today, Craig is Topgolf’s Chief Operating Officer, with oversight over 20,000 Associates across 60 venues. Craig is also the author of “The Dad Advice Project” — a collection of stories and advice from more than 40 dads – making him the perfect guest for Front Row Dads 🙂

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