How Do You Feel You’re Doing as a Dad?

On a 1-10 scale right now, how do you feel you’re doing as a dad? (See 6 key areas to rate yourself below)

I’d give myself a 7 right now.

Some things going GREAT, and others — not so much.

Two things changed my life as a father (and the life of my kids as a result).


When I started Front Row Dads in 2016, I was failing at home.

I needed help — that’s how this whole thing started.

So I did what worked before in my business.

#1 — I surrounded myself with the best guys I could find.

#2 — We shared resources… Strategies, habits, rituals, routines, etc.

The guys I was learning from, and the ideas they gave me, saved my marriage (no exaggeration) and deepened my connection with my kids.

Relationships and resources are the engine behind ALL of the success I’ve seen in the thousands who are part of this brotherhood.

Through relationships, FRD members focus on the 6 pathways to family success.

Let’s do a quick check on how you’re doing in each of them…

1-10 scale, rate yourself on the following…

#1 —THRIVING MARRIAGE: Creating a dynamic partnership that makes each person feel fully alive while providing a model to your kids for a healthy relationship.

#2 — INTENTIONAL PARENTING: Being fully present, endlessly curious and active participants in the emerging genius within your children.

#3 — BUSINESS EVOLUTION: Structuring your business so that you consciously choose to be a family man with a business, not a business man with a family.

#4 — WEALTH & LEGACY: Responsibly using your vast resources to create an abundant life for your kids and generations to come.

#5 — VIBRANT HEALTH: Stepping fully into practices that elevate your mental, physical and spiritual states so you may best serve your family, business and community.

#6 — EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Developing your self-awareness, empathy and inherent insights that guide from a solid and stable state of being.

Once you’ve rated yourself, now ask…

Which ONE of these 6 pathways can you improve, that would have the biggest impact on EVERY area of your life?

Then ask…

What is the ONE thing you can do today, no matter how small the action is, that will help you move forward in that area?

Time to take action brother.

Get after it!



PS.  In case you missed it, we had a hugely popular podcast “A Strength-Based Approach to Parenting” that dropped on Monday.  You can find it here, or listen anywhere podcasts are found.

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