Erik Raschke on Positive Reinforcement and Making Sacrifices for Your Kids

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Erik had been told by countless therapists that he was in denial. He’d heard over and over again that his autistic son would never learn to read. 

But when they found the right program, it took just six days for something to click–and his teenage son was suddenly reading.

Erik’s family life has been full of little breakthroughs since he made a decision to show up for his oldest son in a big way. 

You’ll learn all about this, as well as his new book To The Mountain–a powerful story inspired by their relationship. 

We talk about why we make sacrifices, what works (and what doesn’t) when showing up for kids with conditions including autism and ADHD, and how to process anger and frustration in healthy ways. 

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Some of the topics I discuss with Erik Raschke

  • What autism looks like for most kids 
  • Why positive reinforcement made all the difference with Erik’s son. 
  • How Erik’s father instilled in him a love of reading and writing.
  • What is sacrifice?
  • The difference between a great dad and a terrible one.
  • Why are some dads so much better at being parents when their kids are very young, or when they’re teenagers, or even later in life?
  • When do we take on too much responsibility?
  • The common misconceptions about how to show up for and support kids with autism, ADHD, and a wide range of other conditions.
  • Why do kids suffer when they grow up in sterile environments?
  • Where should we focus our time, attention, and energy?
“You sacrifice part of who you are or part of your life for something that you know will never pay off, but that’s your choice because you want to be supportive for your child.” - Erik Raschke Share on X “As fathers, we have faith that our kids will do something, that they will succeed.” - Erik Raschke Share on X

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Erik Raschke ‘s Bio

Erik Raschke is the father of an autistic child and has written all about his son’s handicap in publications such as The Atlantic Monthly and Hazlitt, among others.

He was born and raised in Colorado, and received a Masters in Creative Writing from the City College of New York. Erik now lives with his family in Amsterdam and New Jersey.

His new book, To The Mountain is a gritty, modern day retelling of Isaac and Abraham, a novel about doubt, sacrifice, belief, hope, the bond between a father and a son. More importantly, the story is about the courage and endurance necessary for working-class parents to raise a handicapped child.

His other work has appeared in major publications, such as New York Times Magazine, Guernica, Georgia Review, Hobart, De Volkskrant, Het Parool, and many others.

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