Former NFL Pro Talks Fatherhood & Being a Role Model to Your Kids with Ken Harvey

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Gents, one of the proudest moments we’ll have as dads are when we see our kids all grown up and excited that they’re our children. But we also want our children to grow into people who treat others well and understand how to give and show empathy.

It’s why I’m excited to talk to today’s guest, Ken Harvey. Ken is a former NFL superstar turned into a true renaissance man. After retiring from professional football, Ken went through a difficult period, but he used that turmoil to grow in every sense.

He’s now a published author, health advocate, and philanthropist on a mission to help young people become compassionate and philanthropic leaders.

Even though he’s an accomplished entrepreneur, I love that Ken admits that he still feels lonely sometimes. He doesn’t run away from these emotions; he accepts them as part of who he is. He never stops learning about himself, making him a perfect role model for others.

In this episode, he shares how he bounced back from depression after retiring from the NFL, the importance of sharing your vulnerabilities, how to raise children that look up to you, and so much more.

Ken Harvey Podcast Highlights

  • How much should you control your children, and how much should you let them do their thing?
  • What to do if your kid wants to follow in your footsteps and how Ken handled that scenario.
  • How he started working on a children’s book with famous Hollywood actor Terry Crews.
  • How bottling up your emotions leads to resentment and misery.
  • How Ken rediscovered his purpose after retiring from the NFL.
  • We need dreamers and thinkers, but we should also surround ourselves with people that are doers.
“As good or bad you think something is, it may just be a lesson you need to learn.” - Ken Harvey Share on X “People put walls and boundaries for other people, and you can accept it or say, ‘that's not me.’” - Ken Harvey Share on X “Don’t be afraid to grow.” - Ken Harvey Share on X

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Ken Harvey Bio

Ken Harvey

After attending U. C. Berkeley, Ken Harvey was selected as the 12th overall pick in the first round of the 1988 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals. He played there six seasons before signing with the Washington Football Club in 1994. He was a 4x NFL Pro Bowler in 1997, inducted into the “The Washington Football Club Ring of Fame” and nominated five consecutive times for the NFL Hall of Fame. In 2002, Ken was nominated for the Washington Redskins’ highest accolade as one of “80 Greatest Washington Football Players.”

Ken is the author of several books and screenplays. He is currently co-authoring a children’s book with American actor, artist, and former American football player, Terry Crews.

Today, Ken is a Marketing Associate for Fellows Financial group and the Executive Director of the Touching Heart Foundation, focused on how to enlighten, excite, and educate children about how they can experience the true joy that comes from helping those in need.

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