Understanding Your Wife’s Menstrual Cycle with Kim Bilyk – Part 1

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Guys, are you aware of what’s going on with your lady’s menstrual cycle? Yeah, me either!

I know that sounds like an odd question. Maybe it’s even a subject that makes you uncomfortable. But I gotta tell you, after my conversation with today’s guest, I was inspired to learn more.

As it turns out, understanding how your wife’s cycle works is super empowering. And I don’t just mean her period!

I’m talking about getting to know her energy; how she ebbs and flows throughout the entire month. If I can learn that, I’ll know how to support her. If I can become more in tune with her needs (and wants), I can become an even better husband and father. That’s what today’s episode with Kim Bilyk is all about.

In case you’re wondering, Kim is a woman’s empowerment and sexual health coach, helping women connect to their bodies and align their hormone health so they can be badasses in all areas of their life. She’s a reiki master, yoga therapist, occupational therapist, and has a journal out called Womb Wisdom. She also hosts the podcast Power and Pleasure: All Things Women’s Health Uncensored.

So, if you want to learn from an expert, build a deeper connection with your wife, and connect with her in a whole new way, don’t miss this episode with Kim Bilyk!

Also, please leave an honest review of the FRD podcast and mention Kim. Send me a screenshot, and I’ll mail you a copy of her Womb Wisdom Journal (USA/Canada citizens only, sorry international folks).

Kim Bilyk Podcast Highlights Part 1

  • What does it mean for a woman to check in with her womb?
  • Kim’s passion for helping women connect to their bodies.
  • How to create a deeper connection with your wife by understanding her menstrual cycle.
  • Did you know her cycle isn’t just when she has her period, it’s every single day of the month!
  • How do we support our partners while they go through their monthly cycles?
  • The biggest myths and misconceptions about a woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • Why there should be no shame surrounding period sex—especially because it’s healthy!
  • The healing power of orgasms.
  • When is it appropriate to be inquisitive about talking about your partner’s cycle?
  • The connection between sexual energy and creativity.
“You have to tune into your body.”⎯ Kim Bilyk Share on X “Foreplay starts from the last time you had sex, to the next time you have sex.”⎯ Jon Vroman Share on X “I want to stress that women are not linear like men. We have ebbs and flows with our cycle, and we don’t just have our cycle once a month, it’s happening for the whole month.” ⎯ Kim Bilyk Share on X “Sexual energy is a creative energy that makes you better in other aspects of your life.” ⎯ Jon Vroman Share on X

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Kim Bilyk’s Bio

kim bilyk

Kim Bilyk is a health and mindset coach that concentrates on women’s health. She’s a yoga therapist, occupational therapist, and has a burning passion for holistic health, something that’s led her to create a mindset practice called Amala Living. She helps her clients achieve their personal goals, optimal health and overcome limiting beliefs that they have in their life. You can find Kim helping with multiple women empowerment groups in L.A.

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