The Proximity of Success with Mark Lachance – Part 1

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My 12 year old son, Tiger, is starring as Daddy Warbucks in his school’s production of Annie. He’s learning all about how to use his diaphragm to project his voice, so he can perform in front of a room full of 1,000 people. 

Not only is he figuring out how to sing, but he’s consciously creating a winning environment—a topic I discuss with today’s guest, Mark Lachance.

Mark is the author of The Lucky Formula: How to Stack the Odds in Your Favor and Cash in on Success, which is his proven process for engineering a high performance life. 

In our discussion, we talk about manifesting luck, taking advantage of life’s opportunities, and cultivating an environment for our kids to be in the proximity of success.

Check out this episode if you want to learn about how to attract luck and fortune in your family’s life. Mark has also graciously gifted our listeners with an extra surprise, which you can find here!

Some of the topics I discuss in Part 1 with Mark Lachance

  • Can you teach leadership or are you born into it?
  • How do you get your kids to listen?
  • How to command respect from others without draining yourself.
  • A simple tactic for manifesting your own luck.
  • Practicing affirmation formulas as a family and letting your kids share their gratitude/wins with you.
  • Acknowledging your successes of being a dad.
  • Let your kids come alive and feel passionate.
  • Wrestling with the ideas we have for our kids vs. what they actually want to do.
  • How are you creating an environment to put your family in proximity to become lucky?
“You can stack the odds in your favor. Luck is not a fluke, it’s a formula.” - Mark Lachance Share on X “As a dad, luck is your ability to manifest and bring certain things into yours and your family’s life.” - Mark Lachance Share on X

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Mark Lachance Bio

Mark LachanceMark Lachance is an entrepreneur, investor, master of sales and marketing, and CEO of Maxy Media Inc. a company that is currently ranked as the number one advertiser for TikTok in Canada, and top ten in North America. Mark is known for his deep understanding of blitzscaling companies and has owned several businesses that have experienced hypergrowth through creative business development and lead generation. Mark speaks and travels the world with his wife, Sonya, and their two boys.

Mark is currently the CEO and lead investor of Maxy Media Inc., one of the largest TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google Display Network performance marketing agencies in the world


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