Air O Sport Backyard Games with Active & Intentional Screen-Free Play with Mike Kinner

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Mike Kinner is the co-founder of Peak Play Performance and the creator of Air O Sport. This innovative game cleverly blends elements of your favorite sports and packs them into a fun backyard game that families (or literally anyone, even the military) can enjoy. Air O Sport is designed to unite people and ensure everyone, regardless of age, athleticism, or skill level, has a blast playing it.

In our conversation, Mike shares how his son, Samuel, is a legend who is bravely battling microcephaly, which is linked to several disorders, including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, blindness, and others. You’ll hear how his son inspired Mike to create Air O Sport, the challenges his family has faced, and the important life lessons he’s learned.

Mike talks about how he balances being a dad to a special needs child while running a business, bootstrapping Air O Sport, and creating live events like the upcoming Sweet 16 Military Championship. Above all else, you’ll hear Mike emphasize the importance of active play as a means to overcome loneliness and stress and have a great time with family and friends in the process.

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • Why Mike’s greatest teacher in life is his son
  • Raising resilient kids with healthy adversity
  • Finding hope and strength from faith in God
  • Air O Sport: A mix of your fav sports and games
  • The Sweet 16 Military Air O Sport Championship
  • Mike’s big vision for Air O Sport
  • The support of a spouse to pursue your dreams
  • Curing loneliness with “Vitamin AP: Active Play”
“Being a dad helped me accept people for who they are. Nothing more, nothing less.” - Mike Kinner Share on X “Every failure and every adversity carry in them a seed of greater good.” - Mike Kinner Share on X “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive because the world needs more people to come alive.” - Mike Kinner Share on X


Mike Kinner Bio

Mike Kinner is the inventor of Air-O Sport and co-founder of Peak Play Performance, who leads the company’s FlowPlay Workshops to enhance joy, team performance, and innovation from boardrooms to sports fields.

As an innovator dedicated to inclusivity in sports, Kinner designed Air O Sport to help underdogs feel like champions, emphasizing unity and joy. The vision is to bring Air O Sport to the Paralympics and Special Olympics by 2036, motivated by stories like his son Samuel and others who challenge the status quo with their spirit.

Mike’s work as a facilitator has guided hundreds in the corporate and youth development sectors to achieve flow states, fostering creativity and a growth mindset. These workshops transcend standard team-building exercises, unlocking potential and nurturing a playful mindset for improved performance and alignment.

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