The Neurochemistry of Connection & Creativity with Mike Wagner

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Are you running on the neuroscience of love and connection, or fear and reactivity?  

For many, fear and reactivity are driving your actions more than we realize.  In this show, we’re going to address how to fix this and lead from a centered and controlled energy.  

Mike Wagner has been on a path to evolve as a father.  He’s a member of the Front Row Dads Brotherhood, and is going to share his personal experiences taking a deep dive into his own emotions, and how they used to run his life, and how he shifted into the driver seat. 

A bit of context…

Mike had trained to be a physical therapist, but felt like something was off. He then made a transition into real estate investing, with a focus on self-storage. His successes have allowed him to explore personal development, focus on his family, and explore the country. In short, he lives what he calls a life of awesomeness.

He also recently worked extensively with Dr. Danny Friedland to better understand how top performers use mindfulness combined with neuroscience to turn their feelings of stress, burnout, and unhappiness into incredible leadership.  

In this show, we have an honest conversation about learning to love ourselves, working through the rough patches, and what we can do to ensure we’re living in alignment with our deepest values. 

PS: In honor of Dr. Danny’s life and his work, we’re going to be giving away several copies of his book, Leading Well Within. To claim yours, simply leave me an honest review of the Front Row Dads podcast, mention either Mike Wagner or Dr. Danny, and take a screenshot. Send it to, and I’ll personally send you a copy!

Gold Nuggets

  • How understanding the intersection of neuroscience and mindfulness makes us better leaders
  • How to recover when you lose your $hit at home 
  • A step you can take right now to better understand what happens when you get triggered
  • The connection of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the evolved father 
  • How Mike structures his day for optimal performance
  • How mindfulness allows us to redefine and reframe strife and pull out of a downward spiral
  • Why focusing just on the money stops us from personal development
  • Mike’s personal story of how he freed up his time to focus on personal growth
''Rather than responding out of reactivity, I'm able to revert into a chosen cycle of creativity and love. I am able to respond to them in a way that is far healthier, both for them and for me.'' - Mike Wagner Share on X

Big Questions Asked

  • Are we running on the neurochemistry of love and creativity, or of fear and reactivity?
  • What can we do to work through feelings of discontent or self-loathing?
  • What is the value in thinking about death? 
  • What does It mean to be ‘triggered’ and how can we manage those emotions?
  • Why does it sometimes feel like our life, no matter how awesome it is, is not good enough
  • What are we really asking for when we say we need someone to do something?
  • How can we implement mindfulness into our daily practice?
''If I get tragic news tomorrow, my best life is one that doesn’t change all that much.'' - Mike Wagner Share on X

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More About Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner married his high school sweetheart, Melanie in 2008 and they have three kids (Willima 7, Lucy 5 and Emma 1).
Mike Wagner Family

After spending many years jumping through all the hoops the world said he should jump through in order to “find” success, Mike realized that doing so wasn’t a game he wanted to play anymore.  After failing to find the fulfillment chasing the world’s definition of success, Mike made a pretty dramatic shift. He bought an under-performing storage property and quit his job to turn it (and his life) around. 

Since then, Mike has used storage to achieve a level of freedom and lifestyle (for himself, his wife and his kids) that many believe is out of reach. Rather than allowing his lifestyle to expand as fast as his income, Mike chose to pursue a journey of self development that continues to pay dividends today.

Mike is determined to prove that anyone can use ordinary garages to create an extraordinary life! Toward that end, he started the Storage Rebellion in 2018 which has quickly become the premier self storage training organization as well as the most robust self storage investing community in the country!

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