Radical Redemption and the Restoration Man with Rich ‘Raz’ Razgaitis



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Rich ‘Raz’ Razgaitis, Co-Founder & CEO of FloWater joins the podcast and talks about… 


Rich ‘Raz’ Razgaitis, Co-Founder & CEO of Flowater joins the podcast and talks about


  • Getting divorced after 17 years
  • Unexpectedly finding yourself in the hospital fighting for life
  • YouTubing your way to an Ironman
  • It’s never just one thing
  • Kindness and contempt
  • The #1 fear of executives
  • What do you do when you want to restore, but others don’t
  • Having a life-verse
  • M.E.D.M.
  • Letting big goals (and micro goals) pull you forward
  • How single use plastic is the new environmental cigarette


  • “The downfall of my marriage wasn’t one thing or ten things, it was a thousand things.” – Rich Razgaitis
  • “The one attribute that led to a successful marriage was kindness. The one attribute that led to divorce was contempt.” – Rich “Raz” Razgaitis
  • “Keep showing up to the things that matter in your life.” -Rich Razgaitis
  • “I was trying to save my company and my marriage at the same time and thought I could pull it off.” – Rich Razgaitis




Fueled by his vision to leave a better environment for his children and the next generation, Rich ‘Raz’ Razgaitis is tackling a problem most people don’t even know they have: toxic drinking water.

As Co-Founder & CEO of FloWater, the world’s most advanced water refill station and member of the Inc. 500 list, Raz is combining this vision with his 20+ years of leadership & tech experience to deliver a product that keeps 2.38 plastic water bottles from reaching our landfills and oceans every second (130 million to date).

With a purpose-driven mission, partners like Google, Airbnb, Vayner Media & Hilton, and $15 million in funding from Bluewater, it’s safe to say they’re just getting started.

When Raz isn’t ridding our planet of plastic waste, you’ll find the self-described “water dude” helping prison inmates change their lives by partnering with Defy Ventures, running his way through beautiful Colorado, or filling his most important role yet – dad to his two teenage daughters.

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