Ruth Bader Ginsburg Family/Team Discussion

I’m always on the lookout for topics to spark conversation with my wife and kids.

The passing of RBG brought about some important explorations in our home.

Since I’m leading our homeschool program 2 days a week, for the older boys, I’m choosing to study the lives of those who’ve stepped up, spoken up and served up big change.

That said… If you’re homeschooling (truth be told, EVERYONE is homeschooling whether they are conscious of that fact or not)..

How might you talk with your kids about the change Judge Ginsburg brought to our world?

*Regardless of whether or not you agree/disagree with her views

A few things I’d love to bring to the Vroman dinner table, to our homeschooling lessons, etc….

What is the supreme court and what role do they play in the US, and how does this affect our family?

How was she able to build relationships with others who differed in opinion?

How might someone respectfully and powerfully demonstrate dissension? (Starting with defining dissent)

Why she had a personal motto when respond to challenges, “Never with anger” (as her mom taught her)

How did she open the door for women to study at Virginia Military Institute (Maybe some of your daughters will benefit from that one day)?

How does the Vroman family define justice?

What educational path would someone take if they wanted to be a supreme court judge?

Men — what question would you add to this list?

Hit me back with your thoughts.


PS.  Did you see this post about the shift to our facebook group?  Big shift coming 10 days from now.

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