Raising Strong Girls with Jiu-Jitsu, Family Values in Alaska and the ROI of Stay-At-Home Parents with Scott Groves and Patrick Barrientes

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Gentlemen, today we have Scott Groves and Patrick Barrientes talking about the stigma of being a stay-at-home Dad, the benefits of living a rural lifestyle (in Alaska!) and how to trust your spouse’s instincts as a parent when lines are being drawn in the sand with household disagreements.

You’ll also hear how he’s teaching his daughters to be strong women with jiu-jitsu and how one of them handled an older 5th grade bully with a double leg takedown and why it was the right move worthy of a high five! Enjoy!

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • Letting your woman shine
  • Happiness as a stay-at-home dad
  • Who says girls can’t be tough?!
  • Never keep score in your marriage
  • The stigma of stay-at-home Dads
  • Different parenting styles between Mom and Dad
  • Clean bedrooms: Worth fighting about?
  • Raising strong daughters in Alaska vs the city
  • New perspectives when living in Alaska


“There are a lot of kids without dads. They’re not present. And those kids are missing out on something.” - Patrick Barrientes Share on X “Kids don’t learn through words. You can’t tell them how to act. You have to show them how to act.” - Patrick Barrientes Share on X “If you’re wrapping your masculinity in this ‘do I wear a suit and tie every day and make six figures and never see my family,’ that’s not the way to go.” - Patrick Barrientes Share on X


Patrick Barrientes Bio

Patrick lives with his wife Carla and their daughters Violet and Penelope, and dog Bailey. After years of coaching, Patrick got the opportunity to take over running the family investment property and to be in his family’s life every day.

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