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Welcome, brother. Great to meet you.

I’m Jon Vroman.

I started Front Row Dads a few years ago when I realized that I wasn’t being the dad I knew I could and should be.

I realized that I needed to level up my dad game…

Now I invite you to start here in the space which Front Row Dads holds for dads to get involved and do the same.

3 Steps To Start Leveling Up at Home

On the show, I interview parenting experts, entrepreneurial-minded dads and men who believe in family first.

It’s for fathers who want to learn the strategies to be more effective and efficient in fulfilling their role as husbands and fathers.

On this show, you’ll get an authentic look into the lives of men who want to be world-class family men.

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The Front Row Dads Brotherhood is for high performing guys who understand the value of working ON their family, so they can succeed with their family.

Join those who believe “When you’re kicking ass, show up for others, because one day, when life is kicking your ass, others will show up for you.”