On the show, I interview parenting experts, entrepreneurial-minded dads and men who believe in family first.

It’s for fathers who want to learn the strategies to be more effective and efficient in fulfilling their role as husbands and fathers.



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The brotherhood is for “family men with businesses, not businessmen with families.”

If you want to win at home AND at work, you belong in this group.  The brotherhood is about relationships, resources, and results.  If change is what you’re after, join us.

My Start

I’m Jon Vroman.  This is my wife Tatyana, and my two boys, Tiger and Ocean — along with some of my brothers from our tribe.

I started the Front Row Dads Brotherhood because I was winning at work, but failing at home.

I knew I could be better.  I had to do better, starting now, because time was running out.

I feared being the old guy who grew a big business, had money but all at the expense of his family.  I wanted to be famous at home.

This website, our podcast and our private mastermind “The Brotherhood” are all designed to help you win in the most important areas of life (see our 6 pillars below).

I invite you to take 2-minutes right now, take the 3 quick actions below, and let’s start a new chapter, one your family will thank you for down the road.