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Welcome, brother. Great to meet you.

I’m Jon Vroman.

Husband to the smokin’ hot lady (yeah, I’m hoping she reads this) to your left, and father of the two kind-hearted warriors who challenge me daily.

I started Front Row Dads a few years ago when I realized that I wasn’t being the dad I knew I could and should be.

One day, it hit me — I didn’t want to be “a businessman with a family”, I wanted to be “a family man with a business.”

I needed to level up my dad game.

I needed a brotherhood where I could learn from and with other guys so I could figure out what’s truly possible for my family.

I needed a space to work ‘on’ my family, so I could be more effective ‘in’ my family — so that’s exactly what I did and the Front Row Dads was born.

Front Row Dads is designed to help you…

  • Strengthen your marriage — How can you juggle all the activities of a family and still find time for deep connection, love and intimacy?
  • Master your emotions — How can you keep your cool, minimize anger and lead with confidence?
  • Find balance — How can you succeed in business and at home?
  • Attain optimal health — Raising kids takes massive energy, so what are the strategies for creating peak physical, emotional and spiritual health?
  • Communicate effectively — How do you know when to listen and when to speak up and lead?

If you’re ready to level up your dad game, let’s get right to it.
Here is how we can help!

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On the show, I interview parenting experts, entrepreneurial-minded dads and men who believe in family first.

It’s for fathers who want to learn the strategies to be more effective and efficient in fulfilling their role as husbands and fathers.

On this show, you’ll get an authentic look into the lives of men who want to be world-class family men.


The Front Row Dads Facebook group is for high performing guys who understand the value of working ON their family, so they can succeed with their family.

When you join, please make sure to introduce yourself and jump right into the conversation by asking questions, or sharing your wisdom.