Making an Impact through Empathy & Compassion with Tyler Dickerhoof


Today Tyler joins the podcast to share practical advice about fatherhood, overcoming tragedy, forgiveness, having empathy towards others, and how he establishes a connection with his kids.


Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s is a short clip from the discussion!


  • Establishing connection with your kids
  • Forgiveness and overcoming tragedy
  • The difference between empathy and compassion
  • Family and work values
  • Growing together as a family
  • Best Parenting advice


  • I need to be better today than I was yesterday with the intention of being better tomorrow than I am today.” – Tyler Dickerhoof
  • Take care of yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will.” – Tyler Dickerhoof




Tyler Dickerhoof was born and raised on a prominent dairy farm in the rural state of Ohio. Growing up, he was very active in the various youth organizations, such as 4-H and FFA, and became very involved in several sports as well.  His love for animals grew, leading him to graduate with a B.S in Animal Science from Cornell University. Tyler went on to work professionally as a Dairy Nutritionist for 14 years; employed for Cargill, Inc and later on as a private business owner of his company, Dickerhoof Nutrition.

While Tyler was starting out life in Ohio, Kelley was busy being born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA with a sparkle in her eye and a passion in her heart to contribute to the world around her as a speaker and leadership trainer for women. She grew up to become an accomplished hair stylist, prior to her career in network marketing.

In 2009, they relocated to Spokane, WA with their three children – Brittan, Braxton and Landon. Spokane is where they currently reside but they connect with people all over the nation, earnestly seeking to help others live a life they dare to dream.

Kelley and Tyler have been actively involved in the network marketing industry since joining Isagenix in 2011, they have risen to the top of the company as a Top 10 income and have been named START Ambassadors and 2015 Isagenix Couple of the Year, 10 Star Golden Circle and 13 Star Executive while Kelley was also noticed as the 2013 Woman of Isagenix.

Their entrepreneurial experience doesn’t stop there though. Tyler and Kelley have also founded several other businesses including: Training Ground (a fitness operation located in Spokane), D&F Real Estate (a commercial real estate holding business) and Brixton Cattle Company (a registered dairy cattle business).

Kelley’s true passion lies in helping empower women to reach their true potential leading her to founding her unique and powerful non-profit organization, Modern Mom on a Mission, in 2014.

And aside from Tyler’s several business ventures, he is also actively involved as the youth soccer coach for the Spokane Breakers FC and takes time for himself to stay fit and participate in sports of his own.

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