How do you teach your kids about business?

How do you teach your kids about business?

In the past, I’ve been frustrated because I wanted my boys to be more entrepreneurial, but they didn’t bite.

Lately, they have.

Yesterday Tiger and his friend made $50 washing cars.

This got me thinking about what’s changed, that might have sparked this endeavor.

Of course, it might just be his age, or the simple fact he’s been home so much…

As a father, I’ve been shifting a few things, in hopes to explore the value of business and entrepreneurship with my boys, and here are 3 things I’m giving attention to…


I’m letting them get hungry for what they want. If I provide everything for them (which I have spoiled them before), they won’t want to strive to earn it.

That leads me to the next point…


My kids say, “Dad, I want (insert anything in the world)!”

I say, “You can have that! How are you going to earn the money to buy it?”


I’ve starting telling more stories of my own business challenges and wins.

I involve them in how our business success is tied to family adventures, buying our next home, etc.


During an interview this week, I spoke with a woman who specializes in business continuity and succession planning, and she said…

“Values are not taught, they are caught”

Especially during these COVID times, and regardless of your kids ages, it’s important that…

…you’re NOT doing your best work behind closed doors.

Maybe instead of trying to find the bigger lock for your office door, or a better sign “Dads at work, keep out”,

we can ask ourselves, “How can I bring my kids in to my world, to see and EXPERIENCE a bit about how business is done?”

Don’t just try to “leave work at work” but instead “bring the best of your work home” and allow all your efforts at the “office” to translate to impact within your family.

I’m off to paddle board with the kids. Enjoy your weekend!


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