A New Appreciation For Family

A few years ago, I was at a party and someone who I just met said…

“So….What do you do Jon?”

I started to reply with the direct answer, “I’m a speaker, coach, and founder of Front Row Foundation.”

Then I paused…

Let me try again…

“I’m actually a father and husband”

I continued… “and when I’m not doing that, I’m own a personal and professional growth company, and help out with this charity… ”

Parenting wasn’t something I did when I was off work. It WAS my work.

Being a husband and father was my real mission and everything else simply supports it.

But were my daily actions supporting this belief?


That’s when I had an honest convo with myself (yes, I talk to myself.  A lot)

At the point of this conversation, I wasn’t approaching my family life with the same intensity that I approached everything else – my business, charity, fitness, finances, etc.

If you’re a Dad, can you relate?   If you’re not a dad, where might you be acting out of alignment with your true values?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve invested big to grow personally and professionally.

Knowing a bit about the front row family, my guess is that you might have as well.

After doing some soul searching about who I was and what I wanted in life, I knew one thing.

This could be the most important discovery of my life

Here it is.

I didn’t want to be “a businessman with a family”

I wanted to be “a family man with a business.”

Having this clarity, I knew I needed to level up my dad game, and truly put my family first.

I knew I needed a brotherhood where I could learn from and with other guys who shared similar values and visions about what’s possible for our families.

I needed a space to work ‘on’ my family, so I could be more effective ‘in’ my family – so that’s exactly what I did and the Front Row Dads was born.

Two years later, here we are with exciting news…

1.) The Front Row Dads podcast JUST WENT LIVE (on iTunes, spotify, etc).  Please listen and share with Dads in your life. All shows at FrontRowDads.com

2.)  We’re about to run our 4th Front Row Dads retreat next month.   We bring together a smaller group of men who have wisdom to share, and are wise enough to know they have more to learn.

I need to share with you, my friends and family, that that Front Row Dads my primary focus for 2018.

I’m all in on Front Row Dads.  I’m being called to this.  I’m deeply committed to becoming the very best leader possible in this niche.

A few months ago my wife said something to me that made me smile ear to ear.  She said…   “You’re a much better dad since starting this whole dads thing”


She’s right.

The Front Row Dads couldn’t have come along at a better time.  I needed it.  It’s saved me.

Today, I’m grateful to be learning with and from this quality group of men.

If you’re a Dad and want to learn with and from other guys who have a few things figured out, and are humble enough to admit when they don’t, join us today at FrontRowDads.com.  Seriously, don’t wait.  Make it a priority.  Let’s do this together.

Your friend and fan,



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