Creating Space From Family, Retreats, Live Events, and Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder with Ali Jafarian

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One of the things that we encourage people to do as often as possible is to get out of their comfort zone, especially in a group setting like an FRD Retreat.

We often fall into the trap of thinking that leaving for a few days or weeks to connect with others means we’re not good parents and husbands.

The truth is, if we’re doing it for the right reasons, getting away from family can be the most transformational thing you can do for your relationship with your family.

And the ultimate goal is that when we get back, we’re returning as better partners to our spouses and better fathers to our kids.

That’s why I’m pumped to have Ali Jafarian back on the show today. Ali is a legend in our brotherhood, and he’s the dude who built the Front Row Dad Member Area. He’s spent the last 13 years building web products for start-ups and Fortune 500’s. He’s an amazing husband and father of two and just an epic human being.

In today’s conversation, we go deep into how retreats and creating space from family help you to show up at your absolute best in marriage and parenting.

We also go over why it’s crucial to be present in everything you do and how being surrounded by other amazing people can inspire and challenge us to grow as dads, husbands, and leaders.

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Ali Jafarian Podcast Highlights

  • If you go on retreats just to have a break from your family, you’re doing it wrong.
  • The positive energy that Ali brings to every interaction and how that builds trust with other people.
  • When our kids and spouses seek their own adventures, it’s our job to support them.
  • What drives Ali to create life-altering retreats for others.
  • Stop hiding behind the label of a “great dad,” and start getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with other people.
  • Help your kids figure out life on their own by giving them options instead of telling them what they should do in life.
“Pursuit of perfection leads to unhealthy performances.” - @AliJafarian Click To Tweet “If you can really be present with family, friends, everyone; I think they feel that.” - @AliJafarian Click To Tweet “If you’re coming back from retreating with nothing, it’s a sign to reevaluate why you are retreating in the first place.” - @AliJafarian Click To Tweet “Every now and then, virtually everyone needs space.” - @AliJafarian Click To Tweet

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Ali Jafarian Bio

Ali JafarianAli Jafarian is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer with over a decade of experience building technology. He built his first website in 2005 when the internet was a place for tables and Flash. Since then, he’s consulted for Fortune 500’s, worked with start-ups in various phases, and launched several online businesses of his own. He is a self-taught software engineer and serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Creatency, his private firm for software development and consulting, and MemberDev, a platform for building custom membership/community platforms that serve coaches, educators, and thought leaders. His newest venture is SPACE, where he offers content and coaching for personal transformation.

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