The Emotional Toll of Unresolved Grief and the Path to Move Forward with AmarAtma Khalsa

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If you’ve ever lost someone or something important to you, you know how devastating the emotional burden of loss can be. 

Imagine you’re on a hike while carrying a massive backpack, except you’re stuck and struggling to move forward with all the weight on your shoulders. The worst part is, that weight can rear its ugly head in your relationships with your family and friends if you haven’t learned how to deal with that burden. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to today’s guest, AmarAtma Khalsa. AmarAtma is a Grief Coach and a Board Certified Chaplain. He’s worked thousands of hours with grievers in a Trauma-1 University Hospital specializing in end-of-life care, palliative care, trauma, and critical care. 

You’ll hear AmarAtma drops some truth bombs on how most people deal with grief (spoiler alert: it’s usually not great), and he’ll also provide some awesome tips on how to deal with grief and loss in a more positive and productive way.

In our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The sneaky ways in which unresolved grief destroys our relationships.
  • Better alternatives to running away from difficult emotions.
  • Tips on how we can create a safe and positive space for grief work with loved ones.

Here are my favorite moments from our conversation:

  • What grief is, and does it ever end.
  • The damage unresolved grief does to our relationships.
  • How extreme positivity can backfire.
  • Using grief as an internal emotional compass.
  • Things we should NEVER say to a grieving friend.
  • Best practices for dealing with grief.
  • How we evolve when we stop fighting with our emotions.
  • How can grief coaching help you better cope with loss.
“Grief is not an emotion; it’s a response.” - AmarAtma Khalsa Click To Tweet “One of the ways why grief is so overwhelming for us is because it’s taking us into the forest without a map.” - AmarAtma Khalsa Click To Tweet “We don’t drown our emotions; we drown our thoughts about our emotions.” - AmarAtma Khalsa Click To Tweet “It took me 20 years to understand that my childhood pain was grief, and it took me 10 years to understand what grief was.” - AmarAtma Khalsa Click To Tweet

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AmarAtma Khalsa BioAmarAtma Khalsa

AmarAtma (a two-word first name that means Eternal or Timeless Soul) is a Grief Coach with advanced certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist. He’s a Board Certified Chaplain, working thousands of hours with grievers in a Trauma-1 University Hospital specializing in end-of-life care, palliative care, trauma, and critical care. 

He has a dual Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Divinity and uses a trauma-informed, mind-body-spirit approach to teaching and helping grievers from the many losses that occur through life. He currently offers 1:1 virtual grief coaching to grievers on how to grieve and let go.

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