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Gents, not sure if any of you have seen it, but Aubrey Marcus just released his film, Awake In The Darkness, which documents his week-long journey in the pitch black. No lights, just his mind, and the darkness.

How the story is told is truly remarkable. I was so moved by the artistic approach to this film that I decided to reach out to the director, Ben Stewart, to invite him on the show.

In addition to being a film director, Ben is also a musician, artist, professional health coach, and dad of three.

Ben and I explore a lot in this episode. We talk about how our behavior impacts our children (and vice versa), the benefits of meditating with your kids, a healthy approach to fighting with your spouse, and much more.

We also discuss the filming/editing of the documentary and Ben’s creative process for bringing an unconventional story to life, despite shooting in utter darkness.

Ben Stewart Podcast Highlights

  • Ben talks about life growing up all over the world and how Kwajalein Island in Hawaii influenced his art.
  • Do you shape your kids, or do they shape you?
  • Meditating with your kids—an alternative to punishment.
  • Understanding when and why your kids are seeking attention.
  • Reflecting on traumatic moments in life.
  • How do you deal with parental guilt?
  • Why it’s so important for your kids to see you and your spouse makeup after a fight.
  • How to blow up in a civilized way—and why it’s important to show that side of yourself at times.
  • Honoring frameworks, but knowing when to break them.
  • The making of Awake the Darkness.
  • Seeing the hidden gift in life’s difficult moments.

Awake In The Darkness Trailer


“Your teachers are your children. You understand how to listen to what children are saying, so start listening harder.” - Ben Stewart @BenJosephStew Click To Tweet “You don’t want to hide what’s true to life from your kids.” - Ben Stewart @BenJosephStew Click To Tweet

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Ben Stewart Bio

Filmmaker and musician Ben Joseph Stewart has a style for the conscious community. Before his touring rock group Hierosonic disbanded, Ben had already launched his third full length documentary with global attention.  Ben produced two seasons of Psychedelica and hosted the mind expanding series Limitless on before launching into the feature length films DMT Quest, which was shared by Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, Alex Grey, and Beckley Institute, as well as his most recent documentary Awake in the Darkness with Aubrey Marcus.


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