Health is Wealth, Advantages of Functional Medicine and Reaching Our Peak Potential with Betsy Shor

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Betsy Shor is the Founder of Health is Wealth Institute and a seasoned Functional Medicine pro who’s spent over a decade perfecting the art of family medicine.

Betsy is like a health detective, making connections between the mind and body and tailoring strategies that go beyond just treating symptoms with band-aid solutions.

Today, we dive into the cold, clinical world of modern medicine, where patients often feel like just another number. Betsy’s not a fan, and she shares why. Betsy also has advice on how we can push our loved ones to reach their peak potential without overstepping boundaries.

Plus, she’s got some great tips on finding that rare gem of a doctor or PA who doesn’t just glance at the clock during your appointment – one who’s invested in your health journey as much as you are.

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • The journey to take control of your health
  • Betsy’s secret sauce for providing healthcare
  • Choosing between specialist and generalist
  • Finding Dr. Right
  • A deep dive on Functional Medicine providers
  • Inspiration from “Queer Eye From the Straight Guy”
  • Finding a doctor who treats you as family
  • Half cheer-leader, half drill-sergeant
  • Aiming for the best you, with a caring sidekick
  • Health: The ultimate investment
“Seeing somebody as a whole being, understanding what’s going on in their marriage, their business, with their finances, is sometimes just as important as what’s going on in their lab work.” - Betsy Shor Share on X “We need to be more open in relationships: professional, doctor-patient, therapist-patient relationships, to have someone really push you out of your comfort zone and hold the vision for you that’s better than what you have for yourself… Share on X


Betsy Shor Bio

Betsy ShorBetsy Shor is the Founder of Health is Wealth Institute and a highly experienced and accomplished Functional Medicine Primary Care Provider with over a decade of experience working as a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine. She’s also an esteemed Health Transformation and Behavior Change Coach who has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and families achieve their goals.

In Betsy’s medical and coaching practice, she employs a unique combination of modalities: the latest advancements in the fields of functional and nutritional medicine, the science of behavior change, positive psychology, and coaching principles of mindset mastery.

Betsy understands the deep interconnectedness between our physical and mental health. She helps people address the underlying factors that contribute to both and develop personalized strategies not just to treat disease but to create lasting wellness.

She’s the mother of two delightful girls, Mela and Jovie, and is married to her best friend, Ben, who is also her best coach.

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