Making Family Memories – How to Effectively Document Your Family’s Most Important Moments, to Create a Legacy of Love

About Ken Wimberly

You only get so many years, and so many moments…

Yeah, we all take lots of pictures and video, but will our kids really sift through what could be countless hours of pics and video?

And on that note, do you really want your kids sifting through ALL your photos?   Whoa, Dad, really?  lol…

I often wrestle with the many options of documenting life…

– Do I keep a personal journal in hopes that my kids read it?  Am I writing to them, or myself?

– Do I gather the photos and print them, keep on a hard drive?

– If something happens to me, do they know where to find everything?

My buddy Ken, and member of the Front Row Dads, has found an answer to these questions and even more that I never thought of.

On this weeks show, is the extremely badass Ken Wimberly, who developed a system to help us capture life’s most important moments, and store it in a way that allows us to share info with those we love most.

He is the founder and visionary behind Legacy of Love.  The goal?

Never miss the opportunity
to capture a memory for your kids again.

For context, here’s a bit more about the guy behind this genius piece of software…

He is married to his soulmate, Amber, and has three children, Grace, Knox, and Kai.

Ken is a bit of a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of KW Net Lease Advisors, a commercial real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Fort Worth, TX.

He is a founding partner in Laundry Luv, a chain of laundromats with a mission to educate, equip, and inspire those in the communities where they serve.

He is an avid athlete who loves adventure races, hiking, and running. To date, he has completed 9 different Tough Mudder adventure races.

He is active in his community and is proud of the 9 years he served as a “Big” in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

The Wimberly family enjoys spending their time travelling, snow skiing, spending time in the outdoors, playing board games, and playing Texas Hold’em Poker!


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