A Dad’s Impact on Early Childhood Development with Celeste Meyburgh



Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s a short clip from the discussion!

In this episode, Celesté Meyburgh discusses her passion for helping men understand their impact at a child’s early age.



  • Using assessments for better parenting
  • How to leverage personality differences to create power
  • At what stage of a child’s development does a dad REALLY need to be involved
  • The latest research on fatherhood engagement
  • Why a father’s eating habits have more of an impact than Moms
  • The benefits of rough and tumble play
  • “Whining is just anger coming through a very small whole”
  • Kids behaviors are all just attempts at communicating with us, and it’s our job to figure out what they’re saying
  • Mantra to remember — “Connection before correction”
  • What the hell is Lego Serious Play?


  • “Take a step back and focus on the family. Success is inevitable but it won’t mean anything, if you lose connection with your children” – Celesté Meyburgh
  • “Embracing your child or your spouse when you come home is so important because it resets something in your inside” – Celesté Meyburgh
  • “We don’t know what lies ahead for our children but a child who has the ability to think critically, and problem solve and identify ways in which he can  make the world a better place, that child will be okay” – Celesté Meyburgh
  • “A child who is able to recognize and manage their emotions and collaborate with others, those are the kids that will do well in the future. “ – Celesté Meyburgh


Celesté Meyburgh spent the last couple of years researching and studying the important role that fathers play in early child development and school readiness.

She believes Dads should know what the science says about their unique impact and she has made it her mission to share the fascinating research about Dads far and wide.

Celesté Meyburgh along with her (awesome!) husband, Kobus Meyburgh, are co-founders of Spritely.

During office hours, she is a Registered Psychometrist and Counsellor. After hours, she plays house (and LEGO and dinosaurs) with her two-year-old girl, Famke, and five-year-old boy, Milan.

During the early morning hours, she is plotting world peace, with her ever-growing army of actively involved Dads.

She aims to inspire Dads with insight to become Dads of impact all over the world. Because our children deserve to grow up with the best version of their Dads so they can become the best version of themselves for the generations to come.



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