The Highs & Lows of Family Life, Marriage & Fatherhood with Charlie Engle

What can you learn about parenting and marriage from endurance sports?

My buddy Charlie ran across the Sahara dessert in 111 days – averaging 2 marathons per day, without missing a day.  

I wanted to have this chat with Charlie to explore how his extreme adventures have shaped his viewpoints on he showed up as a family man.  

This week on the Front Row Dads podcast, we’re talking to my friend Charlie Engle about…

  • Doing big things as a dad
  • Managing emotions
  • The 7-year old alone in the dessert for 2-days by himself
  • Experiences over stuff
  • Balancing solo time and family time
  • Why your kids can’t save you
  • The importance of living a life, and not telling how to do it
  • Why certain addictions can be the best part of you
  • Spartan races for kids
  • Choosing to only run todays miles today
  • Bonding over mutual suffering
  • To keep it, you must give it away

Dead Sea to Mt. Everest

5.8 – Dead Sea to Mt. Everest from Charlie Engle on Vimeo.

More About Charlie Engle …

If running across the Sahara doesn’t impress you, he’s about to do something ultra-insane…

He’s setting out to accomplish a nearly impossible adventure.  What’s on the horizon, aside from struggle and adversity to complete his personal dream…

From the lowest point of the planet – the depths of the Dead Sea – Charlie will swim, free dive, run, paddle, mountain bike and climb his way through multiple countries across the expansive and varied landscape, striving to complete his journey on the very tip of the earth – Mount Everest.

While it’s over 4,500 miles from the shore of the Dead Sea to the peak of Mount Everest, these iconic ends of the earth are separated by a mere 5.8 vertical miles.

Gents – enjoy this insightful conversation with the one and only Charlie Engle.

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