The FRD Colorado Adventure with Chris Emick, Michael Wagner & Ali Jafarian

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After hearing about Front Row Dads, several guys have shared with me that they’re just not having important conversations around family, parenting, marriage, sex, health, money, etc.  

They all have buddies, but they’re basically shooting the shit around things that are topical and typical. It’s weather, sports and with some “How are the kids?” questions, and then the boring “Kids are great” responses.  

After guys join FRD, I’ll often hear some version of, “I had a deeper conversation in the first few hours of being here than I’ve had with any of my friends over the past few years.”  

What makes FRD work is a simple formula. It’s first relationships, then resources, then results.  

We’re not interested in BS relationships, but want to form real connections rooted in trust and transparency.  

While many men might have lots of “facebook friends” we believe in building a true brotherhood. And this is done with great intention.   

After the REAL relationships are formed, the deep conversations naturally lead to resources and results. 

Recently, a few FRD brothers organized a trip to the mountains, and the discussion today will give you an inside look into that adventure and why it was so powerful for the guys involved.   

We’ll share how they sparked killer conversations, tackled some outdoor adventures and created a bond that will forever alter their lives (and the lives of their families).  

When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone with other people, allowed yourself to be vulnerable, unplugged, recharged and connected with others in nature? 

Joining me today are legendary FRD members Chris Emick, Michael Wagner, and Ali Jafarian. They recently got together with a group of 8 dads and went off the grid for a few days on a mountain adventure of exploration and discovery.

You’ll hear the breakthrough conversations they had while melting snow to make coffee at 5am, the tales of pushing their limits, and those sweet spots in time when your body is in tune with nature. 

I hope this show encourages you to have your own experiences with people you want to do life with.  

I hope that by hearing this conversation today, you’ll find a way to have a miniature version of this retreat and connect with others in your neck of the woods.

Podcast Highlights

  • The simple One Word exercise that kicked things off 
  • Witnessing the disempowerment of shame when guys share things that they normally wouldn’t.
  • Forcing yourself into an environment that grounds you.
  • How exposing your soul to new things reflects in your family life.
  • How your need to impress others can weigh down on you.
  • The fear that comes with insecurity. 
  • How to pick the path that connects you to other people. 
  • Overcoming your fears and testing your boundaries.
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome and how you can overcome it. 
  • Creativity vs. Fear and how to let yourself thrive as a father.
  • The ways your family can feel the benefits of your health.
  • Regain your perspective by disrupting your comfort.
  • The benefits that come from unplugging and recharging.
  • Get grounded and feel what’s true to you. 
  • How to become more present and patient for your family.
“People felt comfortable right out of the gate, having business conversations, having bad conversations, having marriage conversations, having my struggles as a man. That was just very refreshing and valuable to me.” ⎯ Chris Emick Click To Tweet “There is a sense of overcoming that guilt and realizing that you have to retreat to come back better. You have to put yourself first, and I think when you do that, you do it from a place of creativity as opposed to fear and you start to… Click To Tweet “Sometimes you can have a conversation and sometimes you can't because it's too loud or you can't breathe or whatever it might be. So it was that commonality, but also just the willingness to share in the vulnerability.” ⎯ Mike Wagner Click To Tweet “I wanted to connect with other people and get them out in nature, expose them to some things that I've done before, to test that comfort zone and boundaries.” ⎯ Chris Emick Click To Tweet

Chris Emick, Ali Jafarian & Mike Wagner Links & Other Resources

Chris Emick, Ali Jafarian & Mike Wagner Bio

Chris Emick is a dad, husband, host of the Go Bucket Yourself podcast, entrepreneur, and adventurer who specializes in not fitting into boxes. Chris is dedicated to helping others to live with meaning and abundance. When he’s not adventuring, he spends his time in Colorado with his family.

Ali Jafarian is a dad and husband first, and serial entrepreneur second. He’s a self-taught software engineer who has over a decade of experience building and growing web properties. His focus is on early stage business growth and development with a passion for any project that pushes the human race forward. Occasionally you can find him taking on consulting projects when they inspire or challenge him in new ways.

Mike Wagner is a husband and father of 3 kids, and the Founder of the Storage Rebellion and teaches others how to live on their terms with investing in self storage. After 6 years of earning three different degrees, Mike became a Physical Therapist which soon left him wanting more. He entered the world of real estate, developing the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat).

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