Israel-Palestine Conflict: Checking In On Loved Ones from Afar with Eli Shine

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Witnessing the conflict and violence that is happening in Israel from a distance right now is deeply disturbing. But going to bed every night with the sounds of sirens and unthinkable terrorism taking place in your community while fearing for the safety of your family and loved ones is an experience no one should know.

Eli Shine and his family are currently in Israel, sheltering from the chaos that surrounds them. Eli is a remarkable soul and my FRD brother who’s taken some time to share his experience in a challenging situation with the FRD community today.

You’ll hear how he’s trying to maintain clarity and courage in the face of life-threatening adversity. You’ll also hear Eli’s advice for anyone with loved ones that are enduring an incredibly difficult situation and the best way to check in on someone when you’re struggling to find the right words to say.

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • Looking for moments of sanity
  • Admitting you’re not OK is OK
  • Actions show people’s true colors
  • A glimpse into evil
  • Sending messages of care and prayer
  • Growing through adversity
  • Courage in the face of fear
  • Navigating gaslighting and shifting morals
  • Standing up for what’s right
  • The importance of facing difficult truths
  • Not feeling welcome for who you are
  • The power of judgment-free conversations
  • Simple gestures that provide comfort
  • Actions speak louder than intentions
  • Focusing on things you can control
  • Daily acts of heroism
  • The strength of community


“I’m not gonna say I’m OK. Even if I’m feeling fine at this moment, if someone asks me, ‘How are you,’ I’m not OK. No one here’s OK. We’ve literally had our hearts ripped out to shreds.” - Eli Shine Click To Tweet “At the end of the day, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” - Eli Shine Click To Tweet “Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s doing things even in the presence of fear.” - Eli Shine Click To Tweet “To teach our children that they have what it takes in a challenge, and that challenges aren’t bad, they make us stronger.” - Eli Shine Click To Tweet


Eli Shine Bio

Eli Shine is a coach and psychologist who grew up in London, where he qualified as a psychologist before moving to Israel, where he lives with his wife and five children. In Israel, Eli transitioned into the world of coaching, thus combining the science of psychology with the cutting-edge on-the-field results of the coaching world. Pioneering experiential learning while teaching young people in the UK, Eli now helps executives and business leaders learn through engaging in experiential workshops and facilitating new thinking, insights, and paradigm shifts that lead to lasting change and bottom-line results.

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