Comedy Training for Parenthood, Thick Skin, & Speaking Up with Erik Rivera



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Do your kids laugh at your jokes?    Mine don’t!   Well, they do when they’re trying to watch screens or eat treats.

Today I’m happy to introduce you to comedian, part Puerto Rican/part Guatemalan and epic dad Erik Rivera (who you can see right now has a HBO Max special with his new special “Super White”).

What you’ll hear:

  • Erik’s biggest failure on stage (and my biggest on stage bomb!)
  • What can we learning about falling on our face in front of others, and how this makes us better dads
  • Developing thick skin
  • How comedy trains you for parenting
  • How to talk openly about family, while protecting their privacy


  • I try to nurture my kids and help them find what they love. I’m not going to force my kid to play baseball if he doesn’t want to play baseball.” -Erik Rivera
  • Communication is key when you’re a parent. I don’t remember my father and I having long deep conversations on the couch. So being an example to my kids and continuing that cycle aren’t good.” -Erik Rivera





Writer, comedian, actor and producer ERIK RIVERA isn’t just on his way to becoming the next big name in comedy; he’s also quickly making a name for himself in Hollywood.

Not only is the part Puerto Rican/part Guatemalan comic’s comedy special, “Erik Rivera: Super White,” currently streaming on HBO Max, but he also just sold an animated comedy called “Ricky & Cricket” — about a down on his luck Mexican-American actor, who starts taking control of his life with the help of Cricket, a brash, foul-mouthed guardian angel from the east side of heaven—to Amazon Studios (Erik developed the show with Mr. Iglesias writer-producers Peter Murrieta and Isaac Gonzalez).

As if that wasn’t enough, Rivera is selling out comedy clubs in Los Angeles and co-writing/developing a new sitcom with Eva Longoria.

Erik has appeared at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, where he was hand selected to perform for Kevin Hart’s Laugh OutLoud Network and on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

In 2019, he was featured in HBO/HBO Latino’s “Entre Nos” stand up comedy showcase, which highlights the nation’s funniest Latino comics.

Erik’s comedy examines race, marriage, Latino culture and life as an American who’s half Puerto Rican and half Guatemalan.

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Comedy Training for Parenthood, Thick Skin, & Speaking Up with Erik Rivera[/read]

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