Family Adventures: 21 Trails in 21 Days

We decided to hike 21 different trails over the next 21 days 🙂

We’re using the app “All Trails” — it’s amazing. The yelp for hikers!

Lately, with this very impactful pause we’ve all been taking, it’s brought up many questions for me, but one stands out, especially during times of crisis.

How do we raise resilient kids, ?

I believe it’s when we choose to be resilient fathers.

What a perfect moment in humanities timeline to practice this.

How we all choose to react to our current state of affairs will have a direct impact on our families now, and for years to come.

Whoa….that sounds like a lot of pressure.

Personally, I’m feeling a little stress right now.

Over the past week, I’ve had to make significant changes in my business, our family took a huge financial hit, having the kids at home has caused a few extra fights and I’m heartbroken by the pain others around the world have been experiencing.

I find myself turning to my family and friends more than usual.

I find myself looking inward for wisdom and clarity.

I find myself turning to my FRD brothers to help see options I wouldn’t be able to see for myself.

Some important dialogue has been sparked. A real benefit of any crisis.

With all the dads finding themselves at home perhaps more than usual, I want Front Row Dads to be a place for men to have meaningful conversations and find ways to thrive.

Our brotherhood is meant for those who choose to unite versus isolate.

As much as I like our brotherhood, at times, I don’t want to talk it out.

I feel like I just need to lock my door and figure this shit out on my own.

Do you ever get that way?

I tell myself..

I’m capable. I can do this.

I don’t want to make my problems someone else’s.

And yeah, it’s true…

I am capable, I can do it and who wants to dump their problems on anyone.

While I want to be a self-reliant man, I also must remember…

Two minds are often better than one.

We are designed to live and grow in tribes.

And… It’s just fun to do life with others.


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