The EOS Life and Ten Disciplines to Manage and Maximize Energy with Gino Wickman

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When we watch someone have incredible success, it’s easy to think that that person has life figured out. But as Gino Wickman will tell you, even top achievers carry a ton of baggage and trauma from their past that affects their personal and professional relationships.

We often think we can’t succeed without using those traumas as fuel to crush it at work. But until we realize we can remove them and still be successful, fear and ego will keep running the show.

Gino learned this the hard way. He saw many high achievers triple the zeroes on their bank accounts but remained miserable. He didn’t want to follow that path, so he worked through his inner demons and came out on the other side as a transformed man.

Today, Gino is the founder of EOS Worldwide and is responsible for creating the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that helps companies achieve greatness. He’s also an award-winning author, including the best-seller, Traction, which has sold over 1 million copies and five other books in the Traction Library that have sold almost 2 million copies.

We absolutely love using the EOS system here at Front Row Dads, and there are 130,000 other companies using the EOS tools worldwide that feel the same way.

In our conversation, we discuss what he’s learned throughout his 30+ years as an entrepreneur and helping thousands of companies thrive.

We dig into his ten principles for maximizing your energy and his strategies and routines for success in business while being at peace and constantly evolving as a husband, father, and entrepreneur.

Gino Wickman Podcast Highlights

  • How to channel your drive and energy to find peace and fulfillment.
  • Doing the (often grueling) inner work is a lifelong journey.
  • The ten disciplines that give Gino boundless energy.
  • Having people around you that will keep you in check is a game changer. Be careful who you surround yourself with.
  • It’s hard to be arrogant when you’re humble and grateful.
  • Taking time off work is not slacking if you use that time to learn how to always show up at your best for your family.
  • If you say yes to everything, you’re really saying no to everything. Learn how to say NO better without feeling guilty!
  • Why self-awareness allows you to make decisions in life out of love, not fear and ego.
  • Stop trying to fix the other person in the relationship and start taking ownership of how you show up for that person.
“What we most lack is a feeling of peace and ease in our lives.” - Gino Wickman Click To Tweet “Surrounding yourself with a bunch of humble people is a helluva lot better than surrounding yourself with a bunch of arrogant people.” - Gino Wickman Click To Tweet “If you shed light on something, that something tends to dissipate.” - Gino Wickman Click To Tweet

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Gino Wickman Bio

Gino Wickman

Gino Wickman is the founder of EOS Worldwide and the creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a practical method for helping companies achieve greatness.

He has personally delivered more than 1,900 full-day sessions for more than 135 companies, helping them implement EOS. With an international team of over 450 professionals, he has supported over 130,000 companies using the EOS tools worldwide.

At 25, Gino took over the family business, which was deeply in debt and in need of help. After turning the company around and running it for seven years, he and his partners successfully sold it. Gino then set out to help entrepreneurs and leaders get what they want from their businesses.

He is also the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, which has sold over 1 million copies, and five other books in the Traction Library that have sold almost 2 million copies.

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