Going Deep or Wide

Years ago, when I was dating Tatyana, I was asking my coach for advice on making BIG commitments (like getting married) and his counsel was perfect.

He said…

Jon — with relationships, you can choose to go deep or wide.

Essentially saying…

You can date lots of people, and have lots of variety. This is going wide.


You can choose one person, and go deep.

You can choose to explore the heart of your partner and find an endless variety within the many dimensions of their soul.

You can pursue their infinite complex emotions, beliefs and values.

Boy was he right!

This week we celebrated my wife’s 40th (we’ve been together 13 years).

On her birthday, it became SUPER clear about why I love this woman.

I get to see the world through her eyes and she sees the world very differently than I do.

In the past, our different viewpoints would cause conflict and a feeling of misalignment. I’d question — are we really right for each other?

Today, her different perspectives cause expansion. Now my question is — what can her point of view teach me about myself?

I challenge you guys to see all those with different viewpoints as a gift in your life.
When you see the world through someone’s eyes, it helps to open yours.

And speaking of seeing the world through another person’s eyes, make sure to catch tomorrow’s podcast, especially if you have girls.

—> Raising Daughters Who can Stand up for Themselves with Joe Sanok


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Everyone is welcome to join the call and have an interactive conversation about setting up your next physical challenge.

If you want to attend,  add these details to you calendar…

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