Traveling to 50 Countries with 7 Kids, Overcoming Hardships & The Triple Trifecta with Greg Denning

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Gentlemen, I’m thrilled to share this epic conversation with Greg Denning, whose life truly deserves its own movie. Imagine traveling around the world with not one, not two, but seven kids. After my summer road trip last year, I tip my hat to this guy!

They’ve done everything from taking martial arts classes in Morocco, to road-tripping for 7 months through South America, and now they’re getting ready to gear up with their teens to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Greg and his wife also plan a yearly trip without the kids to nurture their marriage, and they’re about to head out to the south of Portugal to enjoy the beaches and adventure out on the cliffs.

For those that don’t know, Greg Denning is a high-performance coach and mentor that gives others the tools and inspiration to transform their lives. He hosts the Extraordinary Family Life podcast with his wife Rachel and hosts a second podcast called Be The Man.

In our conversation, Greg shares the secrets of traveling long-term with his family, how he finds the energy to do it all, and how to overcome some of the most common limiting beliefs.

He also talks about his Triple Trifecta of fitness, family, and finances which ties into what we’re all about here at Front Row Dads.

There’s a lot to get through, so grab a pen and come along for the ride because this episode is AWESOME!

Greg Denning Podcast Highlights 

  • How to travel long-term with kids and Greg’s advice on working remotely, homeschooling, planning trips and finances.
  • The importance of finding time for your significant other while parenting by planning weekly and monthly dates.
  • Time optimization: how to do more and better with the time you have.
  • Learning to live in and enjoy the moment as a parent, even when it’s hard.
  • How to overcome your own limiting beliefs.
  • What Greg calls The Triple Trifecta: Fitness (mind/body/spirit), Family (marriage/parenting/family legacy), and Finances (income/expenditures/investments
“If you’re going to be great at being a father you gotta treat it like you would if you wanted to become a world-class Olympian. Lean into it.” - Greg Denning Click To Tweet “Almost always the greatest limiting factor in a man’s life is his own limiting beliefs about himself.” - Greg Denning Click To Tweet “If my kids want to go on some super epic adventure, I’m in. And in order to do that, I have to maintain my health and my energy levels. Healthy food, intense exercising, great routines.” - Greg Denning Click To Tweet

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Greg Denning Bio

greg denning

Greg Denning is an incredible husband to his wife Rachel and a father to seven children. He is also a life and business coach to very successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. He hosts two podcasts: the Extraordinary Family Life podcast (with his wife Rachel) and the Be The Man podcast. He is also currently writing his book, Becoming Dangerous, which will be released by the end of 2022.

Greg has amazingly positive energy levels and a unique passion for inspiring others. At 16 he had to leave his home due to a difficult family situation which sent him on a journey through several difficult years.

Determined to create a happier life for himself and his future family he embarked on a journey of personal growth & development that has become a lifestyle he is still pursuing with his wife and seven children today.

Greg and his family have collectively traveled to over 50 countries and created a six-figure remote business. Now he is teaching other men to do the same and inspiring them to live their best lives.

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