Relational Masculinity, Receiving Her Pain, & Dark Sexual Energy with GS Youngblood

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Today’s show is about helping men live, love, and lead from their masculine core. And if you’re unsure what that even means, I can promise the topics we cover will make you rethink your relationship and give you some resources to show up for your spouse in a much more powerful, grounded, and directive way.

We dig into topics like relational masculinity, childhood wounds, dark sexual energy (this may surprise you, btw,) and finally ending with one of the most powerful questions you can ask your spouse to save or strengthen your relationship.

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • 04:20 Quit playing the victim, take responsibility
  • 05:15 The value of a strong brotherhood
  • 08:06 The Masculine Blueprint
  • 10:43 Dark sexual energy/conquering “nice guy” tendencies
  • 15:57 The art of embodiment for men
  • 21:46 Building your masculine core
  • 28:15 Reacting to triggers & navigating childhood wounds
  • 30:23 Be the alpha, not the alpha-jerk
  • 33:52 Relational masculinity
  • 35:09 The blame dynamic
  • 45:34 “Tell me all the ways I hurt you”

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  • You may or may not be the problem in the relationship. But you are the solution.” – GS Youngblood
  • A woman is not going to have an open heart and open body for you if she’s not trusting and feeling safe.” – GS Youngblood

GS Youngblood BioGS Youngblood

GS Youngblood is an author and coach who teaches men in relationships how to live, love, and lead from their Masculine core. He is the author of “The Masculine in Relationship,” which lays out a three-part blueprint for developing more Masculine energy.

He is also the author of “The Art of Embodiment for Men,” which teaches men how to build and maintain a daily embodiment practice, which is the #1 thing a man can do to build his Masculine core. His work in this domain of Masculine leadership pulls in principles from various fields: psychology, spirituality, martial arts, tango, meditation, and BDSM. GS also offers online courses and live workshops that expand on the principles from his books. See for more information.

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