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Today, we’re shaking things up a bit because today’s guest is one of my best friends, Hal Elrod.

There’s probably no need for me to get into a big introduction as I know most of you already know who Hal is. Simply put, Hal is a legend. He’s sold millions of copies of the Miracle Morning book series, he has an incredible movie about it, and he’s the host of the very successful Achieve Your Goals podcast.

Every year we get together around Father’s Day and talk about all the things that are working for us in the Front Row Dad community.

On June 15th, we are hosting a FREE webinar that you can sign up for at At this event, we’ll be sharing some of the best strategies that we’ve witnessed and experienced over the past year.

We’ll be talking about how to invest the right amount of time with your family and how to make them the focus whenever you’re with them. We’ll also dig into our mindset, making sure we’re fully engaged not only as a parent but as a great partners in our marriages.

The conversation that you’re about to hear was when we got together on his podcast a short while ago, where we talked about how to “win” as husbands and fathers. We also discussed how to deal with the struggles of time management and why Hal and I have decided that our kids are not getting cell phones anytime soon. And much more!

Podcast Highlights 

  • Why I walked away from a $10,000/event speaking career to focus on my family.
  • How to speak up to challenge and advocate for your kids when they need it.
  • Why neither of us are giving our kids cell phones any time soon.
  • How to set ground rules and have productive screen time with your kids.
  • Why almost every parent struggles with time management, emotional intelligence, and staying optimistic.
  • Life lessons we learned from our own parents–and why Hal has such an incredible relationship with his dad at the age of 42.
“When you show up to your marriage, one of the things that I'm learning is how to source approval and love from within.” – Jon Vroman Click To Tweet “If you’re getting a phone for your kids, we owe it to ourselves to be learning and educating ourselves on what are the effects of this choice.” – Hal Elrod Click To Tweet “Prioritize the relationship with your child above correcting behavior.” – Hal Elrod Click To Tweet

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Hal Elrod Bio

Hal Elrod is on a mission to Elevate the Consciousness of Humanity, One Morning at a Time. As the author of one of the highest rated books in the world, “The Miracle Morning” (which has been translated into 27 languages, has over 2,200 five-star reviews and is practiced daily by over 500,000 people in more than 70 countries)… he is doing exactly that.

What’s incredible is that Hal literally died at age 20. His car was hit head-on by a drunk driver at 70 miles per hour, his heart stopped beating for 6 minutes, he broke 11 bones and woke up after being in a coma for 6 days to be told by his doctors that he would probably never walk again. Not only did Hal walk, he ran a 52-mile ultra-marathon and went on to become a hall of fame business achiever, international keynote speaker, author, and grateful husband & father-all before he turned 30.

Then, in November of 2016, Hal nearly died again – his kidneys, lungs, and heart were failing, and he was diagnosed with a rare, and very aggressive form of leukemia.

After enduring the most difficult year of his life, battling cancer, Hal is now cancer-free and furthering his mission as the founder of The Miracle Morning book series, host of the “Achieve Your Goals” podcast, creator of the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] LIVE event, and Executive Producer of The Miracle Morning MOVIE – a documentary that reveals the morning rituals of some of the world’s most successful people.

Hal is grateful to be alive and living his mission alongside his wife and their two young children in Austin, TX.

To contact Hal about media appearances, speaking at your event, or if you just want to receive free training videos and resources, visit

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