Achieve Your Family Goals [Masterclass Replay]

Today I’m sharing Achieve Your Family Goals masterclass that I held with Hal Elrod. If you missed it, here is your chance to listen.

Hal and I speak about how to win at home AND in your business, the way to keep your cool and find emotional invincibility,  a tactic for you to communicate so your kids will listen, and so much more!

While this episode is a replay of our masterclass, the topics discussed will most definitely help you step up in achieving your family goals in 2020 – so it’s very much relevant and I believe there’s a ton of value you can take from this.


  • How to win at home AND in your business
  • How to keep your cool and find emotional invincibility
  • How to communicate so your kids will listen
  • How to think about education that will prepare your kids for a lifetime of achievement and fulfillment
  • How to connect with your wife, get aligned and deepen your bond.
  • The framework for a family meeting
  • How to find continuous growth, so you can lead powerfully at any stage or age.
  • and so much more!




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Disclaimer: The transcription you’re about to read was produced digitally. It’s 95% accurate, however at times, the system interprets words incorrectly, so if you’re shrugging your shoulders saying, “What the heck?” — just skip that word/sentence and read on 🙂 Thanks and happy reading!


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