How often do your kids catch you in the act?

When I was single with no kids, I was interested in how many times I worked out each week.
Now that I’m 45, married for a decade, and have 2 boys, I ask myself…
How many times did my boys see me workout this week?
It’s not enough to just workout so I can be a healthy dad, and show up for my family.
I want my boys to see me sweat.
I want them to sweat with me.
Sure, you need solo time. I take plenty of runs by myself, and hit the sauna to decompress when I’m about to explode.
That said, still my primary intention as a dad is to involve them in all the important things in life.
Lately I’ve been asking myself…
How many times can they walk in the room and catch me meditating?
How many times do they hear me complimenting their mom?
How many times can they stumble up me reading a book?
I don’t just want to do things so I can be good FOR them, I want to do things WITH them.
This video was taken in a hotel in downtown Austin when I took the boys “Hotel Camping” (It’s 100F every day here in July).
I started doing burpees and they joined in.
Recently I asked myself…
If someone were tracking WHAT my kids caught me doing, what would the numbers say?
How many times do they catch me looking at my phone?
…catch me doing work?
…being upset?
…giving, helping, loving…
You get the idea.
What are they catching us doing all day?
When I’m totally honest with myself, I don’t like my answers here.
In August, along with a few other guys in The Brotherhood, we’ve committed to tracking our results.
I’ve printed a simple document, and written out the activities I want them to catch me doing.
Being kind to their mom.
Giving a compliment.
Eating healthy food.
Asking powerful questions.
I’m then going to give myself a check at the end of the day, for each one of these where they caught me in action.
If you want to follow along the journey, I’ll be sharing more pics and videos to our Front Row Dads Instagram and Facebook page.
PS. Join us for our Online Summit to clarify your family culture on August 20th.
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